5 Awesome Gmail Features You Should Know 

There are many email service providers on the internet, but Gmail still remains the number one email service provider. This is due to its simple design interface, cool features and lots of services they offer compared to other email providers. There are lots of things people use gmails for; keeping in touch with family and friends, to save important personal information, to receive subscription alert and much more. Alongside there are cool features associated with Gmail which you can use to get best user experience.


Below are some awesome features of Gmail you use to get the best from your Google email service provider.

1. Append events to your calendar in Style

You can use Gmail with its calendar feature to keep track of your events. To do this, hover the mouse over the date, click “Add to Calendar”, and Gmail will review your schedule, change the title, and the time of the event. The entry in your calendar will also include a link back to the original email and the reference email details become easier.

2. Customize Gmail with a unique background theme?

I don’t know if people don’t like this feature or don’t just want to just use it. I have seen different account pages belonging to various people and one thing I discovered was that they all use the same lame default theme.

You can customize your Gmail account page with your own unique background or googles list of unique different background themes. Want to know how to do this? It’s easy, all you have to do is;

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click the gear icon on your Gmail homepage, and select “Theme.” Scroll down the page and select “Light” or “Black” on the “Custom theme.” On the next page, select My photo “through Google +, Android phone or a URL address to choose to upload your own custom image or picture.

3. Send large files to people via Google Drive

Do you have a large file attachment you want to send? Google Drive offers you a solution. File attachments up to GB size can be sent using Google Drive.

To do this, click the Google Drive icon on your Google page, to select the file you want to send. You can also choose the recipients that will have access to the file, this is so because files can be made available for groups. You can change the sharing settings to customize it fully.

Another way you can send a large file is by attaching the file link in Google Drive to your email content. Gmail will take the same action to make sure that your recipient can access it.

4. Use Gmail’s advanced search for mail inquiries

Most people have lots of accumulated emails in their Gmail inbox, and it is sometimes hard to find that one important message out of the numerous messages. In these cases, you can use the advanced query of Gmail to find what you are looking for.


In the advanced search feature, you can narrow down your search by specifying the size of the file (search for “size: 5m” 5MB email), search email age (search for “older_than: 1-year” email sent for more than a year Before) and more.

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5. Add multiple inboxes to your Gmail

It is possible to add Multiple Inboxes to your Gmail account page, this feature can be found in Gmail Labs. You can add an additional email list to your inbox to view more important emails at once. The list of new topics can include labels, starred messages, drafts, or any searches you want to perform.

To enable this feature, visit your settings page, click the ‘gear icon’, and select “Lab”. Find “Add Multiple Inbox”, click “Enable” and then “Save Changes” at the bottom. When you return to Gmail and refresh the page, a draft and performance item on a page is displayed as a list in your inbox.

To customize the Inbox, you can go back to the Settings page and click the “Multiple Inbox” tab. Choose up to 5 panes to add to your main inbox view. You can also choose the extra window you want to see and locate in each inbox.

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