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Tired of seeing unwanted and annoying adverts on your phone or computer? Adblock helps you to resolve this. Adblock was inspired by an extension created long ago for the older Firefox web browser called ‘Adblock Plus’. With Adblock, most ads aren’t even downloaded at all, so you can focus on enjoying the content you want. It requires no personal information to run and doesn’t monitor your browsing. Adblock is potentially used for blocking unpleasant and unwanted ads that normally appears mostly on videos online and while browsing.


Millions of people use AdBlock and rate it highly, mainly because with AdBlock:

  • Privacy is paramount. You’ve got your secret covered and your privacy secured.
  • Exceptions are easy. Uninteresting and nonobstructive ads aren’t being locked in order to support websites.
  • No youtube video ads. You could just for ahead and with your youtube video hitch-free without any disturbing ad.

Adblock are of different types and are used for different search application, which this article is going to broadly talk about especially AdBlock for browsers, mainly chrome.

Adblock Browser Features

The most popular adblocker for desktop browsers is available for your android and ios devices. Adblock browser is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and above, installation requires low space of internal storage, about 384mb of ram and a display that is at least 320 pixels high and 240 pixels wide, very much available and easy installation on iPhone and iPad with ios 8 and above.

Like its computer counterpart, Adblock browser can block all ads or let users chose to whitelist their favorite sites in order to ensure they continue to receive advertising revenue. Adblock browser normally speeds up page loads, save data and conserve up to 20% of battery life.

It comes pre-installed with Adblock plus and its features are;

  • Automatic ad blocking.
  • fast, efficient browsing.
  • Safe browsing.
  • Total Control.

Mobile challenges for Adblock browser

advertising has always been constant in the mobile market. Mobile ads spend continues to grow. A study tested 2,146 Android apps and found that in total, they connected to 250,000 different URLs across almost 2000 top-level domains. Around 30% linked to trackers and the average app connected to 40  ads URLs. For Technical and privacy related purposes, Adblock has decided to tackle privacy issues carefully.

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There are other approaches out there no one would really like someone controlling their entire network not to mention potential legal and net neutrality issues. ios 9 also included a feature that let third party apps block ads and the content blocker is effective, the mobile web pages load 50% faster, your data pack lasts much longer and you regain your privacy. Android users are left out in these, Android has an open nature and the freedom to choose third party apps as defaults, this feature has been available for a long time.

If you are willing to get an ad free browsing experience on Android;

  • You are to download a web browser, make it Adblock browser, it takes no setting up and blocks ads by default.
  • Some ads, that the company thinks are acceptable (nonintrusive) are left through.
  • To block all ads, tap the three dotted menu button, choose settings. Acceptable ads and some non-intrusive advertising are allowable.

How Can I Help Adblock?

Contributions are requested and optimal. They help sustain and keep Adblock running. You can support by making contributions to the team in order to improve their services. You can also report bugs discovered on their program.

Adblock Chrome

Adblock Chrome is the most popular Chrome extension with over 40 million users. The original Adblock for chrome works automatically. It has over 200 million downloads, and it blocks youtube, facebook, and ads everywhere else on the web. You can choose to continue seeing unobstructed ads, whitelist your favorite sites, or block all ads by default. Just click ‘Add to Chrome’ then visit your favorite website and see the ads disappear. It is also available for iPhone, safari, and opera, to download visit

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Important Details about Adblock Chrome/ important Notification

One unique thing about Adblock Chrome is that while it does disable ads, it leaves the ad frames in, so while browsing, you’ll see a lot of empty boxes with nothing in them.

  • Unobtrusive ads aren’t being blocked in order to support the website.
  • The notice you see about having access to your history and website data is automatically generated because Adblock rounds on every tab, but it does not actually monitor you r browsing history or require your personal information to work properly. With Adblock Chrome, you can block annoying ads for free with the most popular extension ever.
  • Chromes widespread uptake by internet users means the browser has almost half of the market when it comes to navigating the web, so putting an adblocker natively within chrome and turning it on by default would automatically stop the growth of third party options.

Also, installing Adblock chrome isn’t as easy as downloading an app from the play store, you’ll need to go to the XDA thread, click on the download link and find the version that’s compatible with your phones. After you’ve downloaded the apk file, open it to start the installation process.

Furthermore, If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to enable installation from unknown sources. To do that, go to setting – security and enable unknown sources, you’ll now be able to install and use the app, now just make Adblock Chrome your default browser and you’ve got an ad-free chrome browser. For more information about all sort of Adblock, simply visit