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You might be one of those who love to play fighting games, but have you played any that supports up to four players?  Or have you played any that differentiates itself from the standard fighting games? Well, whatever the fighting game you have played, you will want to hear about this one.

arms game

About the ARMS

ARMS is a fighting game which was released worldwide on June 16, 2017. It was developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. It is a game which is said to differentiate itself from a standard fighting game, as up to four players can select a fighter of their choice and also select from varieties of extendable arms to fight and knock out their opponents in a three-dimensional fashion.

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Arms Gameplay

The Arms game focuses more on the multiplayer mode of playing, so, up to four players can select different fighters from the available ones, and get to engage in fighting using their extendable arms. With their extendable arms, they can do dodging, blocking, throwing and punching.

In the ARMS game, you can choose from 10 fighters, who are a great mixture of men, women and non-human character.  Each fighter has their unique style of fighting and also comes with three arms, which can start a missile launch, super-powered boxing gloves and more. More fighters can be released as downloaded contents. And the other fighter arms can be released, by unlocking them from the Get arms mode.

Players can also strike a high-damage attack on their opponents when the attack meter is fully charged. This attack is kind of a “rush attack”, that creates a damaging effect on the opponent, the attack is unleashed on.

Using Joy-con controller or other controllers like pro controller will allow you to operate each arm of fighters individually. Every arm can create varying weights that can affect gameplay.

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Other Modes of Play

Aside from the standard mode of playing arms, there are other modes of play:

  1. Grand Prix mode: On this mode, you are tasked with taking on a set of ten matches against randomly selected fighters controlled by the CPU.  Then you will have a face on with two final bosses. In the Grand Prix mode, you can save your grand Prix progress, so you can come back and continue.
  2. Battle mode: The battle mode also has sub-modes: volleyball mode and basketball mode, target breaking mode and survival mode. The volleyball is like the normal volley but involves knocking an explosive ball into the opponent’s court.
  3. Versus mode: it is a mode that allows you go head to head with your friends.
  4. ARMS test and training: in this mode, you get to use randomized ARMS combination and also practice various skills.
  5. 1-on-100: In this mode, you will have to fight 100 enemies, one at a time.
  6. Team fight: You will get to team up with someone to have a showdown with another team.
  7. Party match: This will involve connecting the game to the internet and battling with up to three other ARMS players who are in the same lobby as you. A lobby can contain up to 10 systems, with up to two players per system.
  8. Ranked match: This is a time-honored battle that is played online in a 1-v-1 match. When you win a match, your rank will go up, but when you lose, your rank will go down.
  9. Local Wireless Mode: in this mode, up to players eight players from different systems can team up in one lobby to battle up to other three players.
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The characters in the ARMS

At its launch, there were ten playable fighters, but at post-launch, more fighters were released as a downloaded content. Each fighter has its unique abilities, and if given matching arms, will give the ARMS a surprising amount of depth.

Here are the playable characters in ARMS:

Spring Man

He is said to be the most balanced fighter of them all. Spring Man offers the right solid mix of defense and offense, and that makes him a nice fighter to start with, as a newbie to the game. He also possesses a decent amount of speed in blocking and dodging attacks. Spring Man has two passive abilities: the ability for his arm to be perma-charged when his health is on 25% so that his elemental abilities are active with every punch and the ability to release intense energy which can allow him to deflect attacks.

Ribbon Girl

She is quite similar to the Spring Man. She fights mostly in the mid-air and can even jump four times in the air, so she is really hard to be grabbed down. You can take advantage of this ability to constantly attack from above.


Ninjara is a pretty unique fighter who can dash into the mid-air and then teleports briefly. This means that in the process of teleportation, he cannot be hit. So, you can use the teleportation ability to your advantage by vanishing at one point and then reappearing at another point where you can attack your opponent. You will have to be careful with this teleportation ability because since you can only teleport, opponents could predict your movements.

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Master mummy

The master mummy is a really strong character who can take punches without any reflexive jerk unless the punch is fully charged. The master mummy can self-heal and that gives you a great advantage when it comes to fighting. Whenever the master mummy receives punches, he slowly regains his health.

Min Min

The Min Min is a defensive style kind of character who can deflect attacks as she dashes backward or in the air. With this, she can protect herself from overly aggressive opponents. She can turn her left arm to a dragon after a throw or long charge.    


Mechanica is another really strong character, who can take a lot of blows without staggering. She can also hover in the air and also dash while she is up there. This gives her some interesting mobility options when approaching targets.


The Twintelle has the ability to briefly slow down attacking enemies by emitting field flowers around her when she is fully charged. She is said to be the fans favorite of ARMS.

Byte and Barq

They are a team, making them pretty unique. The Byte is the robotic playable character who does not have any particular unique character but partners with Barq to fight enemies.  Barq is a robotic nonplayable character who helps you out in fights by occasionally throwing punches or absorbing punches for you. When Barq is seriously damaged, it will be out of commission for few seconds. Byte can use the Barq’s back to perform a high jump and generate a field of energy that puts off attacks.

Kid Cobra

The king cobra is said to have the fastest dash in the game when charged. He is capable of making fast jumps which is great for dodging. This makes it difficult for opponents to touch him.


The Helix is the most complex fighter in the ARMS game to master. He has great versatility when it comes to skills. He can collapse himself into a puddle or stretch his body vertically.