Candy Crush Puzzle Game – Review | Download Candy Crush Game

Candy Crush is a popular game played by people to either while away time or to compete with their friends. It is said to be a fun game to play, as you get to enter kingdoms and achieve set targets.

candy crush saga

The Candy Crush game is all about crushing candies. I guess that is why it is named Candy crush, or what do you think?

Downloading the candy crush game

The Candy Crush game is a free “match-three puzzle” video game available for Facebook; also for android, windows and iOS mobile devices. To download the Candy Crush game, go to your various OS app store to get a copy.

A look at the Candy Crush game at first launch

On launching the Candy Crush Game, you will be asked to enable sharing your game progress with your friends through Facebook. If you want to, click the “connect” button, but if not, click the cancel icon “x”.

To play, click the “play” button and you will be taken through the Candy Crush tutorial. If you want to skip the tutorial, just click the “skip” button.

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Having skipped the tutorial or gotten through with the tutorial, you will be given a first level game board of the Candy Crush to play. When you finish any level on a first try, you get to have a special reward.

Getting acquainted with the candy crush game board

When you play the game, the part of the screen which displays all the visible candies is called the Gameboard. It is on this game board you crush candies to get points.

Above the game board, at the top right corner, is the target point you will have to meet to complete a level.

As you play, your number of moves remaining and the scores you achieve will be displayed down the Gameboard. To complete a level, you must achieve the target point within the specified number of moves.

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Above the game board, at the top left corner, are the boosters you can use to your advantage in the game.

If you happen to be out of moves and still have not reached the target point, the game will end and you will lose a life out of the five lives you are given at the start of the Candy Crush game.

How to play Candy Crush

On the game board, you have a mission to crush candies by making moves to match similar candies. As you crush the candies, you are given points. You will be open to a few moves to complete each level of the game.

Crushing candies

You can swap three or more colored candies or, crush them. As you crush candies, more candies drop to replace them. Sometimes, as more candies drop down, there could be candy matches. All matched candies will continue to be crushed until there are no more matched ones. Then you can make your next move.

If three similarly colored candies are matched, it only crushes the candies. But if four or five similarly colored candies are matched, this will not only crush the candies but also create a special candy.

The special candy created as a result of matching 4 candies can crush an entire row or column of candies if it is matched as part of 3 or more candies.

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Matching five or more candies in a T or L shape creates a wrapped candy, which if matched as part of some similarly colored candies, will explode squares of candies in rows and columns. If the five candles are matched in a single row, a sprinkled chocolate-like ball is created, and it will crush all the candies that of the same color as the one you swap the ball with.

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Matching of special candies is also possible. This will lead to varieties of candy crushing, depending on the special candies that are matched.

Candy crush boosters

Boosters can be earned, purchased or received as gifts in the Candy Crush game. Boosters that you can have in your possession are the lollipop hammer which can crush desired candies on the game board, the shuffle candy which will shuffle the game board and so on. You can choose the boosters you want to use by selecting them before playing any level.

While playing on any level, you can select the booster you want to use from the top left corner of the screen.

Reaching the target

Every level in Candy Crush has its specified target. The target could be to achieve certain points, destroying jelly covered tiles and so on. You must achieve the set target in any level to progress to the next level.

You can always play any level of your choice by clicking the available level from the home screen of the game.

Candy Crush Lives

At the start of the Candy Crush game, you will be given five lives. You get to lose a life, if you cannot complete any of the levels in the game. Losing the fives lives will prevent you from playing any of the levels, and you will have to wait for your lives to refill. You can get lives from friends or by purchasing some. To purchase or get lives from friends, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Candy Crush game
  2. Click the heart icon at the top.
  3. Now, select a method to get more lives. You can select either purchasing with golden bars or “ask friends”.
  4. Then, follow the subsequent instructions