Delete Google – Google Account | How to Delete Google Account

Google Account can be seen as user Account that is required for authorization, authentication, and access to various Google online services like Google+, Gmail, Google Hangouts, and bloggers. Large varieties of Google products do not require Google Account. These products include YouTube, Google maps, Google books, Google search, and Google finances but you need a Google Account when uploading videos on YouTube and also for making edits on a Google map.

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The owner of an Account can disable and enable various Google applications when a Google Account is created. Bloggers and YouTube use separate Account for users that registered with the service before the Google acquisition.

A Google profile will be linked to a user’s profiles on various image-hosting and social networking sites and users blogs as well. Google Account users will be able to create a publicly accessible Google profile, to configure their presentation on Google Account to other Google users also and third party service providers will implement service authentication for Google Account holders through the Google Account mechanism.

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Some Available applications on Google.

On Google Account Blocking

GAccounts are blocked for different reasons like entering an underage that is not old enough. Or an unusual activity when creating the Google Account. Reactivation can be possible when providing proof of identity through valid photo ID or using web forms or with a small credit card payment which costs about 0.30 USD. And another method which includes uploading some requested document or sending a fax which requires human interaction which may take time for it to be done.

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Google Account Security

When creating a Google Account, the users are asked to use a recovery Email address which will allow them to reset their Account password if it has been forgotten or if their Account has been hacked. In other countries like India, the United States and United Kingdom Google might use a mobile phone number to send an Account validation code via voice message or via SMS text messaging when creating a new Google Account.

Google offers a 2 step verification option also for additional security against hacking that request for a validation code whenever the user logs into the Google account. This code is generated by an application from other similar apps or Google Authenticator. Or also receive as a voice message, an Email or as an SMS text message from Google to another account.

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The software that cannot provide the validation code must use a unique 16 character alphanumeric password by Google instead of the user’s normal password when the feature is on. Trusted devices can be marked to skip this two steps login authentication.

Google introduced a new security feature used to protect users from state sponsor attack on June 5th, 2012. When Google analysis notice that a Government has is trying to compromise an account you will be notified with a warning that reads: we believe state-sponsored attackers may be trying to compromise your computer or account.

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Why Delete a Google Account

Do you have too many Google account? There’s no need giving me reasons why you want to quit. But I will give you the procedure you will follow when deleting a Google account. So, without wasting much time, let’s get to know how to delete google account.

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How to delete a Google account

To delete a Google account and also delete an associated Gmail address, you will have to follow the procedure below carefully:

  • Click on your Google Account settings.
  • Under account preference, select delete your service or Account.
  • Tap delete product. And note you can choose to Delete data and Google Account to delete your entire Google Account which includes AdSense, Google Docs, AdWords and your search history and other Google Account as well.
  • Click on the Google Account you wish to delete that if you have many Accounts but if it’s just 1, then click on it.
  • Type the password to the Account.
  • Then click next.
  • Tap the trashcan icon next to the Gmail. You will open and follow the Download Data Link for a chance to download a copy of your Gmail message through Google Takeout.
  • You can also copy your Email to another Google Account or a new Google Account.
  • Enter a different Email address, different from the Gmail address associated with the Google Account you want to close. Beneath an Email address is How you will sign into Google dialog box.
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And it’s important to note that Gmail will have already logged into the secondary Account you used when you were creating the Google Account. The Email Account you logging to will alternatively become your new Google Account username.

  • NOTE: you should make sure you enter an Email Account to which you have access to because you need an Email address before you can delete your Google Account.
  • Tap send verification Email.
  • Next, you open the Email that is being sent from Google with the subject written “Gmail Deletion Confirmation or security alert for your linked Google Account”.
  • Follow the deletion link sent to you via message.
  • You can also log into the Google Account you are deleting if prompted.
  • Go to I want to delete under confirm Gmail deletion and select yes, I want to delete. Then you type the account you want to delete permanently from my Google Account.
  • Tap delete Gmail and note you cannot undo this step. After you click delete Gmail, your Google Account and messages are gone.
  • Then you click done.

What happens to Emails sent to my delete Google Account?

All the people that sent you emails on your old account will get a feedback of a delivery message failure message. But you might want to announce your new account or alternate the old address to your desired contacts.

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What happens to your Emails in the Deleted Account?

All the messages in your former Google account will be deleted permanently. And you can no longer access them nor have access to them. But if you downloaded a copy of the email, then either using an Email program or using Google Takeout, you can still make use of the copy of the message. Of course, you can.

And note if you are using IMAP to access your Google Account in your Email program then, only messages copied to a local folder that will still remain. That is Emails on the folder synchronized and on the server together with the deleted Google Account, will all be deleted.