Dragon Quest XI – Echoes of an Exclusive Age | Review, Release Date, GamePlay

The Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Exclusive Age is the latest entry into the Dragon Quest video game series. It is a continuation of the Dragon Quest game series, a role-playing video series, in which players delve into worlds and battle various monsters.

Dragon Quest XI

In the Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Exclusive Age game, you take up a role of a 16-year old protagonist, who grew up in a modest and quiet town. On taking part in the Village’s coming of age ceremony, you found out you are the rebirth of a legendary hero, who once saved the world. This revelation changes everything, as you are giving a major mission, which requires you to slay monsters and save the world. On the road to completing your mission, you will encounter various charismatic characters, like a child prodigy, a strange entertainer and so on.

The Gameplay of the Dragon Quest XI

The gameplay of Dragon Quest XI is quite different, depending on the platform you are playing it. For now, there is the PlayStation 4 platform and the Nintendo 3DS platform. On the Nintendo 3DS, you can toggle the Dragon Quest XI game between 3DS and 2D, before entering the battle. The 3DS showcases a 3D graphics and models across wide and open environments. The 2D is just the traditional Dragon Quest experience.

The PlayStation 4 Platform is similar to the Dragon Quest X but blended with a higher definition visual. And with a more powerful hardware, which lacks restriction, you can be sure to experience a more fluid and responsive game.

The battle style of the Dragon Quest XI is still the traditional turn-based system; in which you are attacked by monsters in turns.

The characters in the Dragon Quest XI

There are various characters in the Dragon Quest XI, and they all have their individual role and powers. Some of those characters are playable, while the others are not.

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The playable characters are:

Hero: This is the main character of the game. He is a young man who is said to be the reincarnation of known legendary hero and has a mysterious mark on the left hand. Now, he is set to go on a journey to discover his destiny and save the world. Hero has got top class power, like equipping one-hand and two-handed swords, unique skills and spells, and various sword techniques.

Camus: He is a thief and a reliable partner, who Hero encountered in Delcadar prison. He is a blue-haired thief who has a great sense of duty and a warm heart. Camus helps and supports Hero in his quest. He has the ability to use weapons to adapt to a battle situation. He can equip himself with three types of weapons: one-handed swords, boomerangs, and daggers. Camus can so adapt to a battle situation that he can unleash single bows that can create a lot of damage to multiple enemies at once.

Veronica: she is a strong-willed girl who Hero and Camus met in the village of Homura. She asked for the Heroe’s help in finding her sister, Senya. Having found the Senya, Veronica and her sister revealed that they will work with Hero save to help save the world from the forces of evil. Veronica can use healing magic.

Silvya: He is an entertainer who hopes to make the people around the world smile. He might be an entertainer, but he has great skills with blades and deep knowledge of knighthood.

Martina: she is a martial artist who desires to protect everyone. She has two weapons to choose from Wolverine claws and Blade on a stick. The Wolverine claws let her learn skills that allow her to do “Critical heat” often and “Life Drain” from enemies, while the Blade on a stick lets her learn skills that can hit multiple enemies at once.

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Row: He is an elderly man who is skilled in martial arts and joins his grandson to help fight demonic overlords. He is said to have been waiting for the Hero

Senya: she is the sweet one, who has a huge crush on the Hero, but cannot spill it. She specializes in healing spells.

Other characters are as follows:

Emma: she is the childhood friend of Hero and was born on the same day as Hero. The Hero will have a choice of marrying Emma, later in the game.

Graig: He is the known for his sense of loyalty and is the general in the kingdom of Delcadar. He is giving orders to pursue the Hero.

Homer: He is the Delcadar’s tactician who is said to have a great sense of judgment and decisiveness. The king orders him to destroy Heroe’s hometown and also catch the Hero.

King of Delcadar: He is the ruler of Delcadar. He is a strict and generous man, who deals with any disorder that comes to his Kingdom. Hero will meet with the King but will be thrown in jail, having been declared as a child of the devil.

When will the Dragon Quest XI be released?

The Dragon Quest XI for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS were released in Japan, on July 29, 2017. But, the international release of the game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2018.

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