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Dramaload.se formerly known with the domain name dramaload.ch is a website for watching and downloading Korean dramas. On this site, you can watch your favorite K-drama series like; descendants of the Sun, the legend of the deep blue sea, doctors, and much more in high-quality formats. The K-dramas are available to watch for free on the site but you can also download. To download you have to sign up for a premium account. One major reason I like this site is that the movies are in high-quality formats, and it has an English subtitle with it.


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One major reason I like this site is that Korean dramas are in high-quality formats, and it has an English subtitle with it.The interface is pretty simple and well organized, Koreans dramas can be sorted out easily. For a free account, movies are partitioned in formats, ads are featured as well but with a premium account, ads are not featured on the site while watching movies. Furthermore, you can download Korean dramas from Dramaload with a premium account.

key features of Dramaload.se

There are lots of features of dramaload, but some major ones are;

  1. You can watch Korean drama for free without registering.
  2. Dramaload features a simple interface that can be understood easily by anybody.
  3. Korean drama is available to watch and download in high video quality.
  4. With a premium account, you can download Korean drama from dramaload.se.
  5. All Korean dramas on dramaload.se come with an English subtitle.
  6. The site is updated daily with new and recent episodes of Korean dramas.

What/How are the Korean drama categories on Dramaload.se?

The categories on dramaload are well placed and quite simple. On the top of the page, there are two major categories which are; Recent and Drama list. The recent tab features the latest addition of Korean dramas on the site, while the Drama list features a list of all Korean drama on the site, with the number of episodes for each Korean drama.

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Also down the home page, dramaload features featured Korean dramas and hot Korean dramas. You can easily choose to watch or download Korean dramas that people watch more or dramas that are trending, it may just interest you as well.

What are the benefits of being a premium member?

Although the charges for premium accounts is quite expensive, the benefits are considerable. With a premium membership, you can download Korean dramas directly from dramaload.se servers. Unlike the free accounts where a single episode is partitioned or in parts, you will be able to download an episode of Korean drama as a single file.

Also, dramas available for downloads for premium users are in high-quality formats (high definition) compared to the free online dramas on the site.

How is the Korean Drama Quality on Dramaload.se?

Korean Drama qualities for both free and premium are good, although the premium accounts feature a better drama quality than free online dramas on dramaload.

Online and downloadable dramas are in high-quality format. Drama episodes downloaded from dramaload.se are mostly in AVI format but some may use MP4 or WMV format. Furthermore, according to dramaload.se, some Korean dramas available for download are in HD and their bitrate can be up to 1750 kbps which is 4 times than the online videos.


How to Watch Korean Drama on Dramaload.se?

To watch Korean drama for free, follow the steps below;

  1. In your browser, visit dramaload.se.
  2. Browse through the categories and select the Korean drama you want to watch.
  3. Choose the option to watch online for free.
  4. Select individual episode of the Korean drama
  5. A box-like TV will load at the center of the screen, Click play and it will start streaming immediately.

Can I download movies from dramaload.se?

Yes, you can download Korean drama from dramaload.se, but to do this you need to have a premium account. Free users are only allowed to watch Korean drama online. However, you can download drama without registering on the site by capturing the download link with ‘internet download manager’ while watching the Korean drama online. Read more on how to download movies online using ‘internet download manager’ on this putlocker post.

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How to download movies from dramaload.se

To download directly from dramaload, open the drama and click on the file episode to download. Of course, to do this you must have a subscription and logged in to your account.

Note: you can only download dramas by episodes individually.

Alternatively, you can download dramas for free using internet download manager, by capturing the download link when you play online for free. Read more about this putlocker post for better understanding.

Note: Using this method, you will only be able to download episodes in parts.

Top 8 Korean Dramas Trending on Dramaload.se (April/May 2017)

Below is a list of the top 8 Korean Dramas trending and highly recommended on dramaload.se.

  • A Thousand Kisses
  • To the Beautiful You
  • Unemployed Romance
  • Oh My Venus
  • IRIS 2
  • 9 End 2 Outs
  • Family’s Honor
  • Secret (Korean)


There is no doubt; dramaload.se is one of the best sites to watch Korean movies for free and also download. The movie quality is good, the Korean dramas are English subtitled. With a premium

With a premium account, you can download dramas directly from dramaload servers and as a single file. No need copyrighted materials. Although the premium accounts have its benefits, however, the subscription for the services are quite expensive. But they do need to maintain their servers since you will be getting the Korean dramas genuinely.

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