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Technology has really progressed and is still progressing, that it has gotten to a time when you cannot only stream videos on your Smartphone, but you can also project those streaming videos from your Smartphone to your smart television. Impressive, right? I bet it is. There is a technology in town that makes this possible, and it is called the FIipps

flipps tv app

About the FIipps TV

FIipps, formerly called iMediaShare, is a mobile technology developed by FIipps media to help stream videos on your smart television from your Smartphone while the Smartphone serves as a TV remote to control what is displayed on the TV.

It was launched as iMediaShare in 2012 but was later rebranded to FIipps in 2013. The “FIipps” originated from the word “flip” which relates to the flipping of content from one screen to another.

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The FIipps is all about the FIipps app which allows you to flip contents from your Smartphone to other devices connected to the same network as the Smartphone, where the FIipps app is installed.

The FIipps works with internet-connected TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips and sharp, DISH Hopper, Apple TV, Chrome cast, Fire TV, Roku, and streaming devices by Xbox one.

How to download the FIipps App

The FIipps app helps transform your Smartphone to a handheld TV remote that can control what is displayed on the television and also allow multitasking while streaming, with none additional set-up or hardware. It also allows you to browse a catalog of channels like sports, music videos, movies, and other videos.

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The FIipps app is a mobile app which is cloud-based and allows you to share contents across various platform and devices. The technology behind the FIipps provides key features like, 3D and HD videos, proper on-demand content delivery to televisions and its integration with various ranges of devices that are connected to the same network. The FIipps technology streams videos to selected devices directly from the cloud, without having to connect cables or getting any TV app.

The FIipps app is available for iOS and Android device. For your iOS device, you can get the FIipps app from the app store, while for your Android device; you can get the FIipps app from the Google playstore.

The FIipps App interface

The interface of the FIipps app is great and a lot outstanding. The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to contents like movies, music videos and more, on your tablet or Smartphone. These contents can be streamed directly on the FIipps app or streamed on the TV that is connected.

From the FIipps app, you can adjust the volume of your television and also playback entertaining stuff. So if you want to have a view of the FIipps app interface, ensure you have the FIipps app installed on your iOS or Android device, and then launch the app.

Using the FIipps app

The FIipps app is pretty easy one to use. Start using the FIipps app by ensuring your Smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your television and then launch your FIipps app. You can now start playing any video of your choice, from the FIipps app. As you play a video from the app, the FIipps app will automatically search for any connected TV in your network. You can then choose to stream your video to any of the devices connected to the network. And then you can start watching the video on the big screen

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With the FIipps app, you can play full-length videos on your smartphones or project them on a larger screen, control the playback with touchscreen gestures, watch live TV, play on-demand content, share contents on social media, and much more.

FIipps’s video content, speed, and quality

The FIipps has a library which consists of over 100 channels that include, comedy, business news, fashion, kid shows, movies, health and fitness videos, technology vlogs, TV shows, music videos,  news broadcast, educational programming and so on.

The streams from the FIipps are all of good quality. With a good internet bandwidth, you can stream high definition contents. Although, the full HD display has a little blurry display.


The Flipps is a great application to use; as it gives you access to varieties of videos and also make it possible for you to stream videos from your Smartphone to a larger screen.