Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Recap, What the two had to say about each other

The much-anticipated fight ‘Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor’ is finally over, and Floyd Mayweather has won the match. Floyd Mayweather did promise that his fight against Conor McGregor wouldn’t go the distance, and he delivered. Floyd notched a 10th-round TKO in opposition to McGregor on Saturday night in Las Vegas.


During the fight

Mcgregor asserted his physicality inside the first 3 rounds, throwing quick punches and almost dominating Mayweather. However eventually worn-out out, Mcgregor played into Mayweather’s entice. From there, the legendary boxer made quick work of McGregor, attacking him endlessly with a variety of punches. Eventually, it became clear that Mayweather was aiming to find a knock-out, teeing off on McGregor’s head with one punch after another. Going into the 10th round, Mcgregor was completely exhausted and Mayweather still had a lot to offer. Mayweather landed a few more head punches earlier, and McGregor feeling woozy and wobbly was saved by the referee who stopped the fight.

After the fight

After the fight, during the post fight interview, Mayweather admits that Mcgregor was a difficult opponent that he thought. He also went to say that his game plan was flawless by allowing Mcgregor to wear out in the first few round who fired all of his big shots, allowing fatigue to wear him down. Mayweather gave his all in the final few rounds, finishing McGregor off after the fighter had long been tired and exhausted.

What Mayweather said about McGregor

He’s a lot better than I thought he was. He used different angles. He was a tough competitor. But I was the better man tonight… It was our gameplan to take our time and take him out down the stretch.

What McGregor said about Mayweather

I thought it was close … I get a little floppy when I get tired … [Floyd] was a lot more composed. You’ve got to give it to him … I don’t know if I will box again.


The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is one that will go down history as one of the best boxing matches. And this is coming since Mayweather has announced his retirement just after the game. The Money has gone 50-0 in his career, and he said this was one of the best fights in his career and one he is happy to retire with.

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