Girl Games – 10 best New Girl Games For Kids on Android 2017

Much credit has not been given to Girl games, unlike other game genres on various device platform. You will be surprised how high the number of average monthly searches for girl games is on google. The searches, according to google keyword planner, Girl games ranks highest alongside racing and car games with over a million to 10 million average monthly searches.


There is a general belief that girls don’t like playing games. For most, they prefer games that are simple, fun and not too dynamic. Girl games offer just that, and I believe the majority of these searches are made by girls. Girl games are fancy, interesting and most are addictive. So due to the fact that there are no much highlights on some of the best girl games on the internet, I have written this post on the best girl games for kids available on android smartphones. You can check them out below.

1. Star Girl

Star Girl is a casual game and one of the best girl games developed by Anomica. In this girl game, players are to live a life of an aspiring celebrity by building up her career as a superstar while having fun all the way. The gameplay is fun and addictive, you can sing, act or model along the way. You may even find yourself on the cover of the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazine.

You can earn money by completing various tasks and jobs. While building your career, you get to meet other celebrities and talk to them. Ensure you are always at the top of your game, start a meaningful conversation and also wear the best and trending fashion clothes. There are much you can do in this game. Did I fail to mention you can date guys in the game? well yes, you can do that as well. Note that while the app is free, it contains in-app purchases.

Playstore rating: 4.3

Download link: Star Girl

2. Shopping Mall Girl: Style

If you like shopping, you will enjoy this game. In this girl game, you can shop in shopping malls to your very own taste. Look cool and classy in some of the best dresses selected by you, compete in style contests and vote for your favorite look. You can get your personal stylist and tell her what you want, what you like and don’t like. This girl game although still new has received lots of commendations from players, with most describing it as fun and addictive.

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Playstore rating: 4.3

Download link: Shopping Mall Girl: Style

3. Prom Spa Salon: Girls game

If you like makeup kits and stuff, then this game is for you. There are lots of colorful makeups you can choose. In this girl game, you will dress up a girl, give her a fancy makeup and makeover until she looks really beautiful. Although there is no much story to it. However, the game is pretty cool and most girls like it. The best thing about this girl game app is that it is totally free.

Prom Spa Salon: Girls game

Photo credit: TNN Games

Playstore rating: 3.8

Download link: Prom Spa Salon: Girls Games

4. Cooking in the Kitchen

Choose from a dozen of recipes in this kitchen cooking game. In this girl game, you will have to choose what to bake, be it; doughnut, spaghetti with meatballs, sushi, pizza and much more. You can also decorate your dishes with topping or toys to make it look nice. Most users or players have said they’ve learned one or two things when it comes to cooking, from playing this game.

Playstore rating: 4.3

Download link: cooking in the kitchen

5. Fashion Design – girls games

From the name, this girl games is a fashion and dress up games. Like most of these girl games, it is meant for kids. You can design and customize your own dresses. Adults may find this girl game boring but most kid girls will definitely enjoy this game as it involves different levels of dress up.

Playstore rating: 4.0

Download link: Fashion Design – girls games

6. Dream Doll Makeover Girl

This is another girl game for kids, rather it is meant for girls. Girls can play and make up the dream doll, style her hair, do her makeup and pick out a great outfit for dress up.
This girl game starts from the spa, players can give their character a beautiful and relaxing facials. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize her skin with high-end treatments and oils. Soothe her skin with a cucumber facial to bring out her natural beauty. It’s all about how to use makeups as the items you will use has the same effect on those items in real life.

Playstore rating: 4.2

Download link: Dream Doll Makeover Girl

7. Fitness Girl – Dance & Play

This girl game is pretty fun and fast-paced. Players will own a fitness studio and be the instructor. You will have students and followers which you will workout through routines of fun exercise. You can post fitness tips to your Fit Feed, gain more & more fans, and work out your way to the top

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Playstore rating: 4.2

Download link: Fitness Girl – Dance & Play

8. Cinderella Free – Girls Games

Cinderella free is an interactive story which follows the original storyline of the fairy tale. It comes with educational tasks and mini-games included in the story’s plot. The game is highly educative and fun, and kids will enjoy the great storyline of this popular epic fairy tale about Cinderella. It’s not just fun but educative and can train kids in memory, logic and more.

Playstore rating: 4.2

Download link: Cinderella Free – Girls Games

9. Bake Cupcakes – Cooking Games

Bake Cupcakes is a girl game that involves cooking and baking of cupcakes using different varieties of recipes. The game is one of the most loved cooking games with millions of fans. More importantly, the game receives regular updates from time to time with new recipes for baking. Although the game is educative and develops cooking skills in children, it has received its own share of criticism for regular ads that keep popping during the gameplay.

Playstore Rating:

Download link: Bake Cupcakes – Cooking Games

10. Supermarket Mania Journey

Supermarket Mania is one of the best and highly addictive girl games for kids. In this game, players will run a grocery store with the help of a character Nikki and her friends.

In this fun addictive game, players will help the mayor to develop and strengthen the city’s economy; by opening new supermarkets and stocking it up to the rafters. You will manage 13 unique stores through 255 challenging yet amusing levels. There are numerous more tasks available in the game that will keep you glued to your phone.

Playstore Rating: 4.4

Download link: Supermarket Mania Journey


That sums it up on the top 10 new girl games for kids on Android. Although, most of these girl games are for kids and may be boring for some adults. Nevertheless, they are educative, fun and addictive. The games are totally free on the playstore but some may require in-app purchases.

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