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Autocomplete helps you to predict and complete sentences in your Google search box. When you type in an address, autocomplete will help fill in the rest. Autocomplete adds a text input field to your web page and monitors that field for character entries.

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How to use Google Autocomplete

To use the Google autocomplete, type something into the address box and autocomplete will automatically supply predictions. You can configure the autocomplete widget to return specific types of places, geographical places like towns, cities, regions or establishments. If no type is specified the widget will return all types.

Add search box for Autocompleting search terms

The search box allows users to perform a text-based geographic search, such as pizza in New York or shoe stores near Robison Street. You can attach the search box to a text field and as a text is entered, the service will return predictions in the form of a drop-down pick list.

Search box supplies an extended list of predictions, which can include places plus suggested search terms, for example, if a user enters ‘ tourist centers in …’, the pick list may include a phrase like ‘ tourist centers in USA, Africa, and various tourist centers in the world. When a user selects a place from the list, information about that place is returned to the search box object and retrieved by your application.

Retrieve predictions from the Autocomplete Service

To retrieve predictions, use the autocomplete service class. Autocomplete service returns series of prediction each containing the text of the production, citing information and details of how the result matches the user input. This is also useful if you want more control over the user interface that is offered by the autocomplete and search box described above.

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Google autocomplete services expose the following methods like getting place predictions, returning place predictions, getting query predictions and returning an extended list of predictions which can include places plus suggested search items.

Search using Google Autocomplete

You can find the information you are looking for using Google autocomplete faster. The predictions are possible search terms and what other people are searching for. When you select a prediction, the search begins immediately using the term you selected. It is important to note that, search predictions as Google autocomplete are not the answers to your search and they are also not statements from other people they are just there to make your search a lot easier.

Where search predictions come from

Search predictions come from the following;

  • The terms you are typing
  • Relevant searches you have done in the past
  • The trending stories that other people are searching for.

Report a prediction error to Google autocomplete team

If by anyway, you think a prediction violates one of the Google autocomplete policies, here is how to report it;

  • In the search bar, below the prediction, click ‘report improper predictions’.
  • Provide your feedback then click ‘send’.
  • Your feedback would be analyzed, but there would not be automatically disappearance of reported predictions.
  • You won’t be able to turn off search predictions. You can always choose not to use search predictions. This is because they are built into Google search to help you find information faster and easier.

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