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The internet has become a great platform where you can search for jobs. Various job sites and job search tools have been developed to help you in your job search. Well, the search engine giant, Google, has developed a career platform, where you can search for job opportunities that match your interests, skill, and experience. And the name of this platform is called the Google Careers.

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What is Google Careers

Google Careers is a job platform developed by Google, to help you find suitable jobs that match your field of work, preferred location, skills, and experience. Google careers is a unique job site, as it will not be competing with other job sites, but rather, it will bring together the other pre-existing job search tools.

With Google careers, you can search for jobs according to location, the field of work, experience, date posted, and type of job. Also, through the Google Careers, you can apply for any available job position of your choice.

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If you wish to get a job at Google, it is at Google Careers you can get to see any available position in any country, first hand. As a student or graduate, you can also get to see the various internships available at Google and at other companies

What’s on Google Careers homepage?

The Google careers site is easy to navigate through, as it has an accessible homepage. To access the Google Career homepage, go to on your web browser.

At the top left corner is the “Google Careers”. Which you can click to take you back to the Google careers homepage.

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By the top right corner of the homepage, there is the “view applications”. Which, if clicked, will direct you to a page that displays your job applications.

There is also the search box, right at the top of the homepage. Where you can search for available job positions.

Also at the top of the homepage is the “field of work”, “Location”, “how to hire”, “students” and “jobs” The best part of the homepage shows you various ideas of how to develop your career and reports on development in various fields of work.

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How to Search for Jobs on Google Careers

There are two ways you can search for jobs on Google careers. By using the job search box on the homepage or by using the “job” link at the top the Google career homepage.

To use the job, search box, go to the Careers homepage at on your browser. And sign in with your Google account login details. In the job search box, enter the job you want to search for. Then hit enter. This will take to a page containing the available position for the job.

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Also, If you want to use the “job” link, click the “job” link at the top of the Google Careers homepage. This will direct you to a page containing various available job positions from different companies. You can narrow your search by using the filters available at the top of the job search results.

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How to Apply for Jobs on Google careers

To apply for jobs on Google Careers, follow these steps:

  1. Simply go to the Google Career at on your web browser
  2. Search for the job by using the job search box or the “job” link
  3. From your search results, click your preferred job. This will take you to a page where the details about the company and available position will be displayed.
  4. Now, click the “APPLY” button. This will open another tab on your web browser. Where you will be required to submit your resume and fill the provided fields, appropriately.


The Google Careers will be pretty beneficial to students, graduates and job seekers. However, the Google Careers is still a new job site. But with time, it will get to expand to a level, where most of the jobs positions available over the globe could be accessed.