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Information is what you go online to find. You go online to read articles, journals, books and so on. Often, you get across words that are beyond your understanding, and at that point, you wish to make use of a dictionary. Well, the Google Dictionary is right at your service.

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What is Google Dictionary?

Google developed an online dictionary service called Google dictionary, which originated in its Google translate service. Google dictionary used to have a website, but it ended as a separate service in August 2011, after most of its functionalities were incorporated into the Google search engine.

Now, the Google dictionary is an online dictionary incorporated into the Google search engine to help you search for the definition of words. It is said to be hidden in the Google search engine, as you only get to define words using the search engine.

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The Google dictionary delivers the meaning of words from multiple online dictionaries, and it provides an exemplary definition of words.

Also, with the Google dictionary, you will not only get to know the meaning of words. But also get to know their origin, how they are pronounced, how often they are used over time and their translation in other languages.

How to search for meaning of words using Google dictionary

Searching for the meaning of words, using the Google dictionary, is as easy as searching for any other thing, using the Google search engine. There are two ways you can search for the meaning of words: by searching for the word, using the Google search box or by searching for “dictionary”, using the Google search box. Either way, it will take you to the Google dictionary.

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To search for the meaning of a word, go to the Google homepage at on your web browser. Enter the word in the Google search box and hit enter. This action will take to the page displaying the meaning of the word, how it is used in sentences, its origin, and its use.

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Also, If you want to look for the meaning of words by searching for a dictionary, type “dictionary” in the Google search box and hit enter. This will take you to a page with the dictionary at the top. Type the word in the dictionary search box and hit enter.

The Google Dictionary search results

The Google dictionary brings not only out the meaning of words. It tells you the origin of the word, how to pronounce it and its translation in other languages. To listen to the correct pronunciation of the word you have searched, click the speaker icon to listen.

To change the word, you have searched for another language, click the translation down-arrow and select a language. The word will be translated into that language.

Install Google Dictionary extension for free

The Google dictionary extension is only available in chrome. So, if you want to use the Google dictionary extension, do ensure you have a Google Chrome browser.

To download and install the Google Dictionary extension for free click here to download directly. Or follow the steps below to download manually:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your device
  2. On the browser, go to
  3. Scroll down and click the “web store” in the education section
  4. Type “Google dictionary extension” in the store search box situated at the top left of the page
  5. Then, hit enter
  6. Click the “Google Dictionary (by Google)”
  7. Click the “free” button at the top right.
  8. This will automatically download the Google dictionary extension on your Google Chrome browser.
  9. After installation, you will get a notification that the Google dictionary (by Google) has been added to your chrome.
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How to use the Google Dictionary extension

Having installed the Google dictionary extension on your Google Chrome, you can now get the meaning of words on a web page by just clicking on them.

To get the meaning of a word, using the Google Dictionary extension. Open a web page and then double click on any word of your choice. A note will pop up telling you the meaning of the word you just double clicked.

You can also check the definition of a word by clicking the Google dictionary icon on your browser and then type the word in the “define” box to get a definition.