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Health, they say, is wealth. To maintain good health, perform regular exercises, for it enhances not only your overall health but also enhance or maintain your physical fitness and wellness. Many people perform exercises for various reasons, like for reduction of weight, strengthening muscles, and so on. Whatever reason you have for performing exercises or workouts, keep track of your daily progress. To do that, Google has introduced one of its revolutionary platforms, called the Google Fit, to help you out.

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What does Google Fit Do?

Google Fit is a platform, designed by Google to help you keep track of your daily exercise or workout routine. It makes use of the sensors available in your activity tracker or mobile device to keep records of your exercises or physical fitness activities. This record is done against your fitness goals, so as to provide a comprehensive view of your fitness.

The Google Fit app measures and records your daily fitness all on its own. What the Google Fit app needs from you is your height, weight, gender and your fitness goals. It also allows you to link up the Google fit app measurement with a third party app to provide a more comprehensive view of your fitness.

Some say using your smartphones sensor is not accurate, and since the Google Fit makes use of the sensor in your device, the measurement gotten from the Google Fit app might not be too accurate.

However, to get full advantage of the Google Fit, you will need to be a fitness tracker user.

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How to get the Google Fit App

The Google Fit App is available to only android device users running Android 4.0 or above. To grab a copy of the App, you can go the Google playstore from your Android device. The Google Fit app comes installed in all the new Google smartphones.

You can also access Google Fit through the web by going to on your device web browser.

How to access Google fit | App Download

Google fit is accessible through the computer, android mobile device and even android wear devices. And you must have a Google account to gain access to the platform.

The android wear devices come with an installed Google fit app. But if it does not come installed in the wear device, you can download and install the Google fit app in the phone linked to the android wear device, and it will work in the android wear device.

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To access the Google fit on your computer, go to on your computer web browser. Then sign in with your Google account login details. Click the “ACCEPT & CONTINUE” to continue to the Google Fit page.

To gain access to the Google Fit through your device’s Fit app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Fit app on your android device.
  2. Sign in using your Google account login details.
  3. Click “I AGREE” to agree to terms of service and you will have access.

Entering the required details in Google Fit

You will have to enter your height, weight, and gender in Google fit. To do that, go to on your web browser or open your Google Fit app. click menu and then select the “settings” option. On the basic information section, fill out your height, weight, and your gender. You can scroll down and change the unit of measurement that you prefer Google Fit to use. When you are all done, click “DONE”

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How to add Activity and Goals in Google Fit

You can set your personal fitness goals and activities on Google Fit. Simply open the app or go to on your web browser. Click the “+” and select the “add activity” icon. You can now set a goal, set your number of steps, number of calories to burn, distance to cover and the duration of your exercise.