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What Is Google Maps?
Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google to ease navigation. It uses GPS on an internet enabled device. Using Google maps in getting directions can be quite exciting, and it makes navigation very easy. The services are available around the world, even in remote places.


I have used Google maps countless times, even in areas I thought will be impossible and it always gave positive results.

In the past, people had to interact with strangers to get road directions, but all that have changed now. Why interact with strangers on the road, when you have all the information on your finger tips using google maps.

So let’s go straight to it, I will show you how you can use google navigation services (google maps) on your mobile devices.

How To Download And Use Google Maps Directions | Android

You can use the google map on your phone to search for directions to your destination. To use google maps on your mobile devices follow the guide below.

  • For Android devices, visit the Google play store to download the app or click here.
  • Launch the app. Note: your phone must be connected to the internet to use google maps.
  • Search for a destination or where you want to go. You can also tap it on the map.
  • At the bottom right corner, click the ‘blue circle’. It will display some icons which include; car, bus, bike, train, or a person walking. Depending on your mode of transit, choose any of these icons.
  • In the starting point, you can select ‘your location’ since that is where you want to start navigating from.
  • Select the ‘destination’ you want to go to. Note: your ‘location’ must be turned on from your phone settings before you can use the GPS
  • Once all that is done, tap ‘navigate’ and the navigation will start, which you will be able to see from the Google map.
  • In the navigation, an arrow will point along where you are moving to. In case of alternative route, a gray line will be displayed. To select the alternative route, simply tap the gray line.
  • To stop your navigation, tap ‘cancel’.
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Google map is able to effectively read the distance between different places as well as the time it will take to reach there, depending on any mode of transit you chose. It does this by calculating different GPS locations which have been sent by various phone users around the world to Google.

Other Features In Google Maps

Presently, Google have integrated more features into Google Maps. To use more of this features, you can tap the option button at the top left corner. Some of the features you will see are.

  • Your places
  • Traffic
  • Public transit
  • Bicycling
  • Satellite
  • Terrain
  • Google Earth

‘Your places’ includes your search history or navigations you have made using Google maps.

‘Traffic’ shows you places with more or less traffics. Sellecting this filters other parameters and shows the traffic in different locations.

‘Public Transit’ is what we have discussed above, which you use for your navigation either by using the train, cars, or walking.

‘Bicycling’ shows you places on the map that is safe for cycling.

‘Satellite’ shows you a real pictorial map of the earth as well as your location.

‘Terrain’ highlights different earth features and surfaces as well as structures.

‘Google Earth’ shows you a 3d view of the earth as well as your location. To use this feature you must have it downloaded from the play store.


Google maps have eased a lot in the navigation sector. I don’t have to discuss with strangers anymore to get directions to places, as I can simply look it up from my mobile device. I can navigate through complicated roads, know areas or places with much traffic, explore different locations as well as their buildings, street name and many more. So, try to use Google maps now and explore all its features.

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