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Do you own a business and want to list your business online, for free? Do you seek a platform that can easily create a free website for your business? Or do you seek to bring your business closer to your customers? Well, you might be the legend of the seeker for online business tools, but this is where you will cease to seek, as the search engine giant, Google, has developed a tool called the “Google My Business”, to provide you with what you seek.

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What is the “Google My Business” for?

Google business is a business tool, designed by Google, to help you manage your online presence. It allows you to showcase your business online, whilst helping you manage the way your business information appears on Google. It also provides a platform to interact with both your old and new customers.

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When you list your business on Google My Business, your business information like phone number, address, and so on, will be showcased on Google search engine, so that, when anyone searches for your kind of business service, your business details will be pulled from your Google My Business page, as part of their search results.

How to download the Google My Business App

The Google My Business app is a great to have on your Android or your iOS device because it helps to easily keep in touch with customers. It also has a talkback and voiceover application to support the low vision and blind users.

The Google My Business app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To download the Google My Business App on your iOS or Android devices, go to your device’s native apps to grab a copy, for free. To download the Google my business app, follow the link below:

  • For Android Devices, Click here.
  • For iOS Devices, Click here.
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Signing up to Google my Business

To sign up to Google My Business, follow these steps:

  1. Go to on your web browser and then sign in with your Google account Login Details
  2. Click the “start now”
  3. Enter the name of your business in the provided field. As you type, various matches will appear. if your business is one that appears, click it.
  4. Enter the required details in the rest of the fields and then click “continue”. If there is a potential matching business, suggestions will be displayed.
  5. If the suggested business match is your business, then click it. But, if it is not, click the “keep the information I entered”
  6. If you may manage the business, check the box, and click “continue”
  7. Continue with your sign up

Verifying your business on Google My Business

Verification of your business helps you stand out from your competitors who are not yet verified. It also protects your business from anyone who wants to claim ownership of the business. After listing your business, you can either verify your listing immediately or verify it later. However, it is advisable to verify immediately, as it might take some business days to get a unique verification code.

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Immediately after sign up, you can continue verification by clicking the “mail”. Then, you will be required to enter the address you want a verification postal card to be sent to. Then, click “send postcard”.

A verification postcard that has a unique verification code will be sent to the address, and you will have to enter the unique verification code in your Google My business. To do that, sign in to Google My Business, select the business you want to verify and then click “verify location” or “verify now” button. Then follow the subsequent instructions to enter the unique verification code.

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However, you might be able to verify your business in seconds, through a phone call, email or search console. Congratulation! Your business is verified.

Having verified your business, you can have access to your “My Business dashboard”

How to create a free website with Google Business

After claiming your business, you can create a free website to showcase your business. The website is going to be mobile optimized.

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Having claimed your business, click the “preview your site” on a dialog that appears, to get started with creating your site. Follow subsequent instructions to create a great site for your customers.

Interacting with your customers

Now that you have set up your business on Google My Business, it is imperative to pay close attention your customer’s reviews. This is because it is one of the factors that determine where your business will be placed on the search results.

It is advisable to always ask your customers to kindly leave a review for a service you have completed.