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This article will give you the much-needed information as regards the features, requirements, usage and the set up of Google WiFi.

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The Google WiFi is one of the evolutionary modern routers available in the market. It is a mesh Wi-Fi system which provides you with the ability to share wireless to various point of your home, whilst still maintaining good signal strength around those points where you share the wireless. It is easy to set up and use, and it also provides fast speed and strong Wi-Fi coverage.

Unlike most other routers, this Google WiFi system is set up and controlled using the Google Wi-Fi mobile App. The Google WiFi app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to control and share wireless, in whichever way you deem fit.

Using the Google Wi-Fi system will require you to log in to Google account via the Google WiFi App, and this will allow your Google Wi-Fi to stay connected to Google.

How to download the Google WiFi App

Before you download the Google WiFi App to your Android device, ensure you have android 4.0 and up. But if you want to download the Google Wi-Fi App to your iOS device, you should have iOS 8 and up.

You can download Google wifi for Android here, and for iOS devices here.

How do I set up my Google WiFi System?

To set up a Google WiFi system, you will need:

  • A Google account
  • Google WiFi point
  • Google WiFi app
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Modem
  • Broadband connection

The Google Wi-Fi system is available in the market as a unit or multiple units. The single unit only has a single Wi-Fi point able to cover about 1500 square feet, while the multiple units have at least 3 Wi-Fi points, which if all spread around your home, can cover around 4500 square foot.

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On setting up, the first Wi-Fi unit that is used is made to be the primary Wi-Fi unit, to be connected to an internet source.

How to place the Google WiFi unit

At first, look for a spot where you can place your Google Wi-Fi unit. It’s advised to place your Google WiFi unit at a high plain view, to avoid interference.

Having found a point to place your Google Wi-Fi unit, take your Ethernet cable and connect it to the WAN port of the Google Wi-Fi unit. Also, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your modem.

To power the Google Wi-Fi unit, use the power adapter to connect it to a power outlet. Then you will see a blue flash to show that the Google Wi-Fi is powered and ready.

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Creating your Google Wi-Fi network

Next is the creating of a network by the use of the Google Wi-Fi App. Ensure you have the Google Wi-Fi App installed on your Android or iOS device. If you do not have the app, you can always download it from your device’s native app store.

If you have the Google Wi-Fi App installed on your device, launch the app. Once it is launched, click the SIGN IN located at the bottom right corner. You will be asked to select a Google account, if available, or to add account. To select an account, tap the account and you will be signed in. But to sign in using a new Google account, click the Add account and then fill the required fields. Having signed, click the GET STARTED” at the bottom right corner. Then the app will automatically start searching for the Google Wi-Fi unit you have set up.

When it finds the Google Wi-Fi unit, it will prompt you to point the camera at the QR code on the base of the Wi-Fi point. However, you have another alternative way, which is to type the code manually. To type the code, tap the TYPE CODE at the bottom left corner and then enter the code located at the bottom of the Wi-Fi unit. To scan code, tap the SCAN CODE at the bottom right corner, and then point the camera of your device at the QR code.

Next, you will be asked to select from options, the point where your Google WiFi unit is located, so as to help you identify it later. You add a new label by clicking the ADD LABEL at the top left corner and following the instruction that follows.

Click NEXT, to direct you to a screen where you will enter a new Wi-Fi name. Click NEXT and then type, in the provided field, a secure password that will enable users to have access to the network. Then click the CREATE NETWORK to finalize your Wi-Fi network.

When your Wi-Fi network is completely set up, the Wi-Fi app will ask if you want to you want to add more Wi-Fi units.

Add more Google Wi-Fi units

If you want to add more Wi-Fi unit, select the number of Wi-Fi units you want to setup, on your Google WiFi app and then click NEXT. Now look for the point in your home, you want to place another Wi-Fi unit. It is a rule of thumb that the Wi-Fi units should not be more than two rooms away from each other, in order to maximize Wi-Fi coverage. You should also try putting the added Wi-Fi units in an open space.

After you have found a good point to place your next Wi-Fi unit, plug it to power it up. Then go to your Google WiFi app to follow the subsequent instructions.

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When you are done with setting up the Wi-Fi unit with the Google WiFi App, test the connection to see how sufficient the distance between the Wi-Fi units, by clicking the TEST NOW. Then, the app will run the test for some minutes. If the result of the test shows that there is a problem, you will have to place the added Wi-Fi unit closer to the primary Wi-Fi unit.

You are going to have to repeat those processes for each unit you are going to add. When all the connected Wi-Fi units are all good to go, click NEXT and an overview of your Wi-Fi network will show on the screen. If you are sure everything is okay, click the NEXT and your Google WiFi units may begin to update for some minutes. When the Google Wi-Fi software update is complete, you will be notified that your Google Wi-Fi is ready.

Exploring the Google WiFi

When the update is complete, you can explore all the nifty things Google can do, by clicking the EXPLORE at the bottom right of the screen.

The first tab is where cards appear when the network is exposed to something new, and it also displays the status of the Wi-Fi network.

The middle tab displays your Wi-Fi network, which includes the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and the mesh units you are using.

The third tab shows your settings and shortcuts, like the network settings, home control, and network check and so on.

So, there you have it, your Google WiFi system is all setup and good to go.

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Does the Google WiFi have a drawback?

Well, everything has a drawback, and of course, the Google WiFi is not left out. Some might not be impressed with the fact that the Google WiFi system must stay connected to their Google Account.

Some might argue that the Google WiFi does not have some finer control over Wi-Fi settings, as it does allow for controlling when and which band broadcasts.

The presence of only two Ethernet jacks and the lack of web console might also turn off enthusiastic network users.


Google WiFi is a simply designed modern router, which is discreet but stylish and it offers a household-wide coverage with a speed enough for most users. It is not meant for highly demanding network enthusiasts, as it was made to serve homes and offices in a reliable and efficient way.