Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Game Review – Gameplay, Modes, Cars, Tracklist

Do you play racing games? If you do, you might have heard of the Gran Turismo video game series. Or you might have played some of the Gran Turismo Racing Video game series on PlayStation. Well, introducing a new Gran Turismo racing game has been in the air, and it is out.


The much awaited Grand Turismo sport is out. And it is out with a bang, as for the first time, it is available on the PlayStation 4.

How is the Gran Turismo Sport Game?

The Grand Turismo sport is a released racing video game which was developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. At the 2015 Paris Games week, the Gran Turismo sport was announced, and in October 2017, it was released worldwide.

It has similarities with its predecessors, as it still includes a “sports mode” and “arcade mode”. Compared to its predecessor, the Grand Turismo sport has undergone some painful edits, like lesser number of cars and tracks features, limited way of variable weather condition, removal of the dynamic day/night transition and so on.

Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay

On the new Grand Turismo sport, you will play an online racing. It does not provide you with much when you are in an offline mode. If you are not connected to the internet, you will only gain access to the arcade mode of playing. And, the arcade mode will only provide you with one-off races against the computer, limited VR mode, a split-screen two-player battle and time and drift trials. On the offline mode, you will not be able to save any progress in the game.

It is said the Grand Turismo sport is an online-focused game because it has been integrated with International Automobile Federation (FIA). With this integration, you can get an FIA recognized Grand Turismo sport digital license, which you could use to drive cars, in real life.

Modes of playing the Gran Turismo Sport

In the Gran Turismo sport, there are three modes: the arcade mode, campaign mode, and the sports mode.

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The campaign mode, which is also called the career mode, is where you get to improve your racing skills and earn rewards at the end of the stage. So, this is where you could spend much of your initial time learning how to play. The campaign mode has four sub-modes: mission challenge, driving school, racing etiquette, and circuit experience. In the sub-modes, you will be given quite a several objectives to complete that fits each sub-mode. When you complete those objectives, you achieve a gold ranking and you could unlock more cars to use.

The sports mode is where the online races are featured. In the sports mode, you can play the daily online race and it is where you will get to play the online championships. If you want the earn the real world FIA racing license, you will have to channel the skills you learn from the campaign mode into the sports mode. The arcade mode is the mode that gives you a free play. It is the only mode that works offline. In the arcade mode, you will get to see the functionality of the PlayStation VR and you will be able to play one-on-one with the computer.

The Online Championships on Gran Turismo Sport | PS4

The real blast of the Grand Turismo sports is the online championship. The online championship offers you two series: Nations cup and manufacturer cup. In the nations cup, you get to represent the country you reside, in the online races, and the fastest racers go to through to the final.

In the manufacturer cup, you get to select your favorite car manufacturer and represent them in the online races.

The smaller series of the championship happens during the week, while, the main event happens during the weekends.

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The fun about the online championships is that you get to play against real people around the world. You also get rewarded for your commitment.

The Sound Effect of the Gran Turismo Sport Game

The engine sound effect for Gran Turismo has not impressive over the years, as they still sound artificial to the ears. However, the sound effect of the car engines in the Gran Turismo sport is seen to be a great improvement compared to the past Gran Turismo games.

The Gran Turismo sport comes with an audio set up which has the exhaust crackle layered over drivetrain whine and a broad range of transmission noises. It might not be a world-class sound effect, but it is a lot better than previous Gran Turismo games.

Apart from the awesome online environment of the Gran Turismo sport, the sound is the most improved feature of the Gran Turismo Sport.

The Car and Tracklist in the Gran Turismo Sport

Compared to the previous Gran Turismo game, the car list is reduced to 162. But, they are all new models and are completely superb. For the first time, the Porsche makes the cut and it brings along their Le Mans-winning 919 P1 prototype and others.

For now, there are only six available real-world tracks: Nurburgring, Interlagos, Mount Panorama, Brands Hatch, Willow Springs and the Suzuka.

It is not quite clear if there will be an upgrade on the number of cars or tracks. So just have a feel of the available ones.


It might be too early to give a verdict on the Gran Turismo sport, but with what we have seen, it promises to give you an awesome experience.