Google Country Redirects – How to Stop Google Country Redirects

Google Country Redirects
When you travel to another country and search for a keyword on, you will be automatically redirected to the country you are, and search results will focus more on that country.


For instance, if you reside in Canada and you type you will be redirected to, Nigeria will be and so on for other countries. You can find a list of some google country redirects at the bottom of this page. is the most popular search engine in the world, and I personally use it all the time. I stop google country redirects most times when I search for keywords on google to make research for my blog. This feature is very important for me because my cliche doesn’t just focus on my residential country but other countries as well. And my highest visitors are from the United States, while I am in Nigeria, so I won’t like it when google redirects search results from the country I reside. So I stop Google country redirect in order to get better search results.

Why does Redirect to Residential Country

The reason why google redirects you to your resident country is to narrow your search results which can be very effective in displaying to you what you want sometimes. Take for instance, if you reside in Nigeria and you want to read more about politics in that region. When you search, lets say politics along with some strings, it is very likely you will get search results about articles on politics in Nigeria. This, of course, happens because you have been redirected from to

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But in some cases, you might want to search for a general keyword on that doesn’t trend majorly in the country you reside.

If you want to learn how to stop the country redirect and stick with google original homepage, follow this post to the end.

How does Redirects to a Specific Country

Google automatically use your IP address to pinpoint where you are accessing the net and cookies to get some of your previous search queries and information. Based on some of this information, Google is able to narrow your searches down to your location. The benefit of this redirects is that the search results in most cases could be what you are really looking for.

However, you might want to have a broader search result, with the search location restricted not only the country you reside.

How to Stop Google Country Redirect

Stopping Google country redirect is very easy. To stop it, read the quote below.

To stop Google Country redirect, simply add ‘/ncr’ after the dot com. For example: ‘’. This will automatically stop the redirect and give you the original google search results. In this case, NCR stands for ‘No Country Redirect’.

Note: It’s very normal not to see the NCR after clicking search. You will be automatically redirected to

You can now search on Google, with global search results displayed to you.

List of some Google Country domains and Prefix Redirects

You can also choose to redirect to other countries to get detailed search results for that country, to do this enter the domain name peculiar to the country. Below are some Google country domains and their prefix redirects.

  • Angola –
  • Argentina –
  • Austria –
  • Australia –
  • Belgium –
  • Burkina Faso –
  • Cameroon –
  • China –
  • Canada –
  • Chad –
  • France –
  • Germany –
  • Ghana –
  • Poland –
  • Switzerland –
  • Republic of the Congo –
  • Ivory Coast –
  • Japan –
  • Kenya –
  • Mexico –
  • Nigeria –
  • Sierra Leone –
  • Senegal –
  • Somalia –
  • São Tomé and Príncipe –
  • Togo –
  • Tunisia –
  • Taiwan –
  • Tanzania –
  • United Kingdom IP –
  • Zambia –
  • Zimbabwe –
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