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MovieWatcher – Watch HD Movies for Free
MovieWatcher is one of the best websites to watch free movies online. The movies available on MovieWatcher are in high-quality formats. If you see any movie not in high-quality format, then it’s because it is relatively new. But with time, the movies are updated to HD quality.

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The website features a very nice interface with well-organized categories. Furthermore, movies you won’t normally get anywhere chances are you will see them on Moviewatcher. Because the movie site is updated on a daily basis with new and fresh movies. The best thing about this site is that no registration is required to watch movies.

The best thing about this site is that no registration is required to watch movies. Unlike other sites, The movie site gives you access to movies for free without signup requirements or fees. Although its contents are free, MovieWatcher monetizes from advertisement. The ads aren’t very much. Once you are past the commercials and movie has started playing, it won’t come up again.

The movie site is very much similar to 123movies which have been rebranded to GoMovies.


 Features of MovieWatcher

  • You can watch movies in HD.
  • Movies are available for free, i.e no fees is required to watch movies online.
  • No registration is required.
  • Variety of movies and tv series to watch.
  • Available for desktop, mobile and tablets.
  • No records or logs of user info, since no registration is required.
  • Availability of different working streaming services.

MovieWatcher on Privacy

Moviewatcher has stated in their privacy page that they respect users privacy and at such, no record of your information is saved. You can browse the entire site and watch movies online without having to worry about your IP address, log files and personal information. This is true since no information is required to be submitted while accessing the site. The movie site put much emphasis on this privacy by stating that the connections are encrypted in the sense that there can’t be any trackbacks.

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What’s on MovieWatcher Categories?

MovieWatcher features a very nice interface with well-organized categories just like gomovies. There are a variety of movies and tv series to watch on this site. One good thing about moviewatcher is that new movies are updated on a daily basis.

The movies on this site are extracted and index from other streaming sources on the internet. Only the best qualities are shown to you and best of it all, it is free. Well not all really, but some. Much details are at the bottom of this page.

The movie categories are sorted out below.

  • Genres
  • Years
  • Most Popular
  • New Movies
  • TV Series

Searching for the movie you want is very easy based on this category. On the Genres section, there are varieties of movies to select from. Alternatively, you can also sort out movies to watch based on years. You can find recent Movies and TV Series of 2017 and watch.

Can I Download Movies from

Sadly, No. You can not download movies directly from Moviewatcher, but there is a way to go about this. By using download managers that can capture link directly, you can download the movies from Moviewatcher. If you have a download manager installed on your PC, as soon as you play the movie to watch online, the downlink should appear. My best download manager for this is IDM ( internet download Manager)

How to Watch Movies for free on MovieWatcher

To watch movies on Moviewatcher with ease and without stress, follow the steps below.

  1. In your address bar of your browser, go to to go to the homepage.
  2. On the homepage, browse through the movie categories or search for the movie you want to watch and click on it.
  3. Select different servers to play from, if there is any.
  4. Click on the play icon in tv like box to play the movie.
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Note: Sometimes, you may be required to register or pay when you click to watch a movie. Servers like this are not owned by moviewatcher, Most likely, they are ads. so close the pages that ask for sign up, and continue checking other streaming links under the movie. No doubt, you will find a streaming service that won’t request for any information.