Nintendo Switch Review – Features, description | Joy Con | Switch Pro Controller

Several video game consoles have been developed to help give video game players a great gaming experience. Some are for home use, handheld or even dedicated. You might have played with some of these video game consoles, but have you had the pleasure to play with video game consoles that can be used as both hand-held console and home console? You know what? Never mind! It will interest you to know Nintendo developed a console considered as a hybrid console, and it is called the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch review

This article will fill you in the features and description of the Nintendo Switch game console. So, do carefully read on.

About the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console which is developed by Nintendo and was released worldwide on March 3, 2017. It is considered to be a hybrid console, as it can a home console or be used as a portable console.

It is said to be primarily designed as a home console, with the main unit of the console inserted in dock station, so it can be connected to a television.

However, it can also be used as a portable console, with the main unit of the console, which has an LCD touch screen, removed from the docking station, and then placed on the table like a tablet computer or using it as a handheld.

The Nintendo Switch makes use of a removable wireless controller called the Joy-Con. It can be split for two players. The joy-Con has the standard buttons to make you have great game experience. The Joy-Con can be used by attaching to both side of console main unit, gripping them to a grip accessory to give you the traditional gamepad experience or using the Joy-Con individually on your hands with the Nintendo Switch console, you can play online games, and also get to play games using the Flash ROM cartridges and digital distribution.

Nintendo Switch Hardware

The Nintendo Switch is a game console which includes the switch console (main unit), the switch dock station and Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch Console and Dock station

The Nintendo console is the main unit of the entire Nintendo switch console system. It is a tablet-like kind of monitor with a 6.2-inch, 1280x720p LCD screen. It also has a 4310mAh battery capacity which can last up to 6 hours and can be charged fully in approximately 3 hours.

There is the Nintendo switch Dock station where the console is placed to create an electrical connection so, that the console battery can be chargedThe dock station also allows the console to be connected to a television through an HDMI connection for video/audio output.

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The console’s screen has a support for a ten-point multi-touch capacitive sensing and a haptic technology from Immersion Corporation.

The console also includes stereo speakers at the bottom, USB-C port for charging, a kickstand at the back, 3,5mm audio jack and an ambient light sensor at the front of the console to control screen brightness.

Slots for cartridge-based media and microSD external storage are also included on the console. And the rails in which the Joy-Con can be attached and locked to the console, are located at the sides of the console.

Modes of Using the Nintendo Switch

There are three modes of using the Nintendo Switch:

  1. TV mode: This is by placing the console in the docking station and connecting it an external screen or television.
  2. Tabletop mode: This is by taking out the console from the docking station and placing it on a table with its kickstand supporting it.
  3. Handheld mode: This is by holding the Console in your hands, with the Joy-con controller attached to it

It is essential you note that some games are designed only for a certain mode.

The Nintendo switch does not provide you with a dual screen experience, so you can either see the content of the console on the console’s LCD when it is out of the dock station or see the content on a screen that is attached to the dock system where the console is placed.

Nintendo Joy-Con controller

The Joy-Con controller is a pretty awesome design, as apart from being wireless, it could be detached and used independently. They are collectively called Joy- Con and individually called Joy-Con L and Joy-Con R.

The individual Joy-Cons can be attached to the Nintendo Switch console through the rails that is by the side of the console, using a locking mechanism. You can also detach the Joy-Con from the Switch console by releasing a small button on the rear face of the console. Having detached the Joy-Con, you simply use them separately in your hands or attach them to grip to give you the traditional Gamepad experience.

Up to eight Joy-Cons can be used on a single Nintendo Switch Console.

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Joy Con Controller Description

The individual Joy-Con has four action buttons, with the Joy-Con L having the directional buttons and the Joy-Con R having Nintendo’s signature ABXY buttons. They both have an analog stick, trigger buttons and a “+” or “– “button.

The gyroscope and accelerometer which serves as a motion-wielding purpose is contained internally in the Joy-Con. The Joy-Con R also has an infrared depth which can help in identifying objects and motion gestures.

The Joy-Con also has an impressive haptic feedback system called the HD Rumble, which can generate a fine tangible feedback. The HD Rumble generates a vibration that is even more sophisticated than your average mobile phone buzz.

It is just mind blowing that all these techs like, gyroscope, accelerometer and HD rumble are all contained in two small controllers. It’s just impressive.

Some users have had issues with the Joy-Con L not synchronizing with the main switch unit, but Nintendo had said it could be due to wireless signals or too many cables around the main switch unit.

The Joy-Con has an awesome battery life, as each individual Joy-Con can be used for up to 20 hours. They can be charged when attached to the docked switch. And from a dead battery, they can be charged fully in around 3.5 hours.

You can get the Joy-Con in different colors. You can opt for all gray type, Neon red and blue colored type, Neon yellow colored type or the Neon pink colored type.

The Nintendo Switch pro controller

The Nintendo Switch supports other accessories like the Nintendo Switch pro controller. It looks more like the normal gamepad. Some say is it is the most comfortable way to play games on the Switch system.

It still has the similar functionality as the Joy-Con, like the HD Rumble, gyroscopic sensors and the NFC for amiibo. It is powered by a battery that offers about 40 hours of usage on a single charge.


The Nintendo Switch is an awesome game console which can be used as a home console or as a portable game console. It is so versatile and easily accessible. So you might want to go get a taste of the game console and see what it has to offer.