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Not many movie sites on the internet allow users to download movies, most allow streaming movies online and worse, it is not usually free. In this post, I’m going to be talking about a site that lets you download TV Series for free. So, are you looking for a site to download full seasonal movies or TV Series for free? Look no further and check out o2tvseries.com.


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Different websites like fztvseries.mobi and many others that allow users to download tv series have risen and fallen over the years. But O2tvseries.com has remained strong and it’s still standing despite the numerous new and modern movie sites that keep appearing on the internet and on a daily basis. One major reason why thousands of visitors keep coming is due to its regular tv series updates.

O2tvseries – Download TV Series in 3gp and mp4 formats

O2tvseries.com is a website that offers lots of Hollywood TV Series content to users, available only for downloads. The movie site is updated on a daily basis, better yet it can be easily accessed easily with phones.

There are lots of favorite and latest tv series on the sites which can be downloaded in 3gp or mp4 format. Although the video output which is in 3gp and mp4 is not too great, however, it is still manageable. It is recommended that movies downloaded from O2tvseries are better viewed on handheld devices.

Are Movies on O2tvseries Legal and Safe for Downloads?

We all know movies dished out for free from sites like these are not legal since it’s pirated and up for downloads. In some countries using their IP address, these sites have been banned from functioning. However, there are ways to go around this in order to access these services.

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However, unlike the original tv shows, movies downloaded from o2tvseries does not have great picture quality.

Essential Features of O2tvseries

  • O2tvseries has a nice interface with easy site navigation.
  • Movies are available in compressed 3gp and mp4 formats.
  • Lots of Hollywood tv series are available on o2tvseries.
  • Quick movie updates on the site.
  • O2tvseries Can be accessed from various handheld devices.
  • File sizes are low and because of this, downloads does not take much time.

How are the Categories on O2tvseries.com?

O2tvseries has a simple interface and movies can be accessed with ease. TV series are sorted on the site alphabetically and by recent updates. By accessing the top of the page, you can list all the series available on the site or you can access tv series by genres.

Recent TV Series Updates on O2tvseries

Some of the recent updates on O2tvseries are listed below and more are updated on a daily basis. Also, if there is any old TV Series you have missed out on watching or old tv series you won’t find on other sites, then chances are you will likely see them on o2tvseries.

  • 2 Broke GirlsSeason 06 – Episode 19
  • 24 LegacySeason 01 – Episode 07
  • ScorpionSeason 03 – Episode 19
  • APBSeason 01 – Episode 06
  • The Walking DeadSeason 07 – Episode 13
  • The Last Man on EarthSeason 03 – Episode 11
  • The Good FightSeason 01 – Episode 05
  • Shades of BlueSeason 02 – Episode 02
  • Once Upon a TimeSeason 06 – Episode 12
  • HomelandSeason 06 – Episode 08
  • FeudSeason 01 – Episode 02
  • ElementarySeason 05 – Episode 16
  • Chicago JusticeSeason 01 – Episode 04
  • BillionsSeason 02 – Episode 04
  • Big Little LiesSeason 01 – Episode 04
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Although the released episodes are listed out as updates, you can go ahead to download the previous episodes from the very beginning of the TV Series.

How to download TV Series from o2tvseries.com

Downloading from the site is easy and fast. If you are using a phone, it is recommended to use UC Browser for download. While for PC, you can use internet download manager (IDM). Follow the procedure to download TV Series from o2tvseries.

  • In your address bar, visit o2tvseries official site; o2tvseries.com.
  • Search for the movies you want to download from the search bar, or you can sort the movies out alphabetically or by genres.
  • Open the seasons of the movie you want to download, and open the episodes consequently.
  • You can choose to download movies in 3gp or Mp4 format. Movies in Mp4 format are clearer than 3gp but are larger in terms of file size.
  • Once you click on the download file, the download will start.

Note: In some cases, ads may open in a new tab while browsing pages on o2tvseries, simply close the tabs and go back to the main tab.

That is it, you can now download your favorite tv shows for free and with ease. Best of all you can access these services from your mobile device.

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