Offline Feature – New Update On Instagram for Offline Usage | Only for Android Device

Good News to Instagram lovers, very soon if not already, you will be able to like, post, comment, follow and unfollow users on your Instagram page while offline. According to Facebook during the ‘F8  developer conference’, the update will be available only for Android users, but it will come to iOs very soon.


If you’ve had difficulty posting or making general changes on your Instagram page, all that is about to change as the changes have started rolling out in several parts of the world. So be sure to check for available updates in your playstore.

The offline feature on Instagram goes beyond just saving draft post which is already available. You can now post, make comments, like, follow and unfollow other users and do much more while offline. You won’t need an internet connection while doing this. The trick is when you make changes on your Instagram page, the changes are saved and when you go back online or access the internet, the changes are synced and rolled over to take effect. More importantly, the time you made those changes will be effected as well.

Furthermore, Facebook shed more light on the app; that certain parts of the app will be cached (which may include commonly viewed profiles, explore tab and things generally that may interest you) so that you will still be able to browse some pictures and videos without a good internet connection or when you are offline.

Facebook said it wants to make Instagram more usable and accessible for users in countries with a poor and unreliable internet or network access. This, in

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In conclusion, I think by doing this, the app is sure to get a boost on its number of users around the world. It is very important because other social media apps are not sleeping either. Just recently, Twitter added a new feature that lets users access their services on data saving mode. And if Instagram is to remain among the top something new has to be added, and they are doing that already. So if you are using Android and you don’t already have the offline feature on your Instagram app, visit the playstore and update to enjoy this new feature

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