PotPlayer – Best Media Player for Windows PC | Software Review and Download

PotPlayer is an awesome media player and an excellent replacement for VLC media player if you ever want to make a switch. The video player was rated as one of the best in its categories according to Lifehacker’ in 2016.

PotPlayer features an excellent picture quality and it comes with lots of video tools that you can work with. The services it offers are much but a detailed review of some of its unique features will be treated in this post, which will interest you of course if you follow this post to the end.

Personally, I have been using this software for a long period of time (I think is over 3 years). The reason is that the system application is very easy to use, as it can automatically play the next video file in a folder, navigate easily to the next video file, with precise shortcut keys and more.

About Potplayer: Wiki

PotPlayer is a media player designed for windows PC by a South Korean company called ‘Kakao’, formally known as Daum communications. You can read more about the parent company’s profile from here.


  • Numerous input support formats.
  • Adaptive Keyboard shortcut keys and hot keys.
  • Customizable settings and functions.


  • Complexity in custom settings for new users.

Important Features of Potplayer

Out of PotPlayer numerous features, some of the important ones are listed below.

  • PotPlayer features a clear and beautiful video picture quality. Which you can also choose to edit if you want.  
  • It supports numerous video and audio formats. The inputs are almost endless.
  • Ability to stack and organize similar video files in a folder serially while playing a video. This unique option is what makes me like the app.
  • It is light weight in nature. You will think that with the numerous tools it packs the file size should be very large, but that is not the case with PotPlayer.
  • Supports side by side windows flipping and screen rotating.
  • Supports numerous subtitle format. Potplayer also features a subtitle tool pack. You can choose to download a subtitle from the app while playing a video. It will require an Internet connection of course.
  • It supports screen capture while playing a video. You don’t need a third party app to capture an image while playing a video, the media player allows you to do this from the app itself.
  • It can also play incomplete or broken AVI files by skipping the frames that are damaged.
  • It comes with plenty unique skin to choose from, giving your media player a beautiful outlook.
  • Supports app transparency, invisible borders and much more. You can see more of their advanced features by checking Daum PotPlayer official site here
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Download and Install

  • You can download PotPlayer for free from their official site here.
  • Click on 32bit or 64bit depending on your Windows version. The software will download very fast because the file size is very low.
  • After downloading, install by opening the file and following the onscreen steps to install.


In Potplayer, you can tweak almost all the functions in the app, from assigning keys to perform various actions like increasing or decreasing video brightness, volume, forward and rewind and much more. It also features a beautiful interface, you can choose the skin color that you like best. Most importantly, you can completely customize your settings, but not recommendable unless you are an adept user of the software.

However, just like in every good thing that comes plenty, there is always a side that falls short. In this case, the downside of PotPlayer comes from its pack of plenty unique tools. If you are a new user and you are not very familiar with its custom tools, it’s very likely you might mess up the app trying to change some settings. Though, you can always restore its default settings. Aside from this, PotPlayer is an excellent media player that can serve as a replacement for VLC media player.

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