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Putlockers Movies – Putlocker is an online movie site that enables you to watch free online movies. The site contains thousands of movies and it is always updated on a daily basis.


Apart from just watching the movies online, you can go around from watching them online to downloading them, so that you can have them on your computer or device.

The movie site is renowned worldwide such that millions of people access it every day to watch the movies online but don’t know they can actually download it.

Putlocker doesn’t have an option to download movies on their website, so to download you will have to use a computer application called Internet download manager (IDM).

How To Watch Free Movies On putlocker

  • To watch movies for free on putlocker, visit their website at putlocker.ch  
  • Search for the movies you want it either the full movie or tv shows and click on it. 
  • On the next page, a TV box-like screen will load at the center of the screen. Click on the play icon in the middle and allow the movie to buffer then you can watch for free. 

You can select video quality output just below the TV box.

Putlockers Movies Download Requirements

To download movies from putlocker, below are listed application you will need to have or download;

  • Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is probably the fastest download manager available for PC. Apart from the speed, the interface is user-friendly and it easily integrates into most browsers without much stress. Though IDM is not totally free as it gives you a free trial for just 30 days but it is possible to activate and get if working for free. I will be discussing it in subsequent posts.

  • Chrome or Firefox
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These are browsers, but as you can see I have only listed two. This is because IDM integrates well into this two other browsers. There are other browsers that IDM works with but I personally prefer this two.

How To Download Putlocker Movies From Putlocker.ch

  1. The first step is to ensure you have IDM working on your system and you have it well integrated into your browser.
  2. Login to putlocker.ch and allow it to load. After loading, it will take you to a screen like the one we have below.
  3. Search for the movies you want to download and click on it. In the page you will see, a box-like TV will be visible with a play button at its center.
  4. By clicking on the play bottom, the movie will buffer then start playing online.
  5. While playing, the IDM will pop up just by the top right corner of the TV and then you can download.

You can select the quality of the video you want at the bottom of the TV screen. Based on the quality you want IDM pop will come up and then you can download. That is how you can download from putlocker for free instead of just watching it online.

I highly recommend downloading from putlocker as the site is always updated on a daily basis. You can also get TV series or movies in HD from Putlocker.

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