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Are you a. musician who wishes to upload original music to share with your fans? Or do you wish to get up-to-date songs from your favorite artists and be able to stream them on a continuous play? Well, your wishes have been granted, as the “SoundCloud” is the platform to grant your wish.

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What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform designed to enable users to share, upload, promote and record their original audio and music content.

The SoundCloud was founded by Swedish sound creator, Ljung and Swedish artist, Wahlforss, in Berlin, in August 2007. The primary focus of the SoundCloud platform is to allow musicians to share and distribute their music tracks.

What is on the SoundCloud Homepage?

To get a view of the Sound Cloud homepage, go to on your web browser. There is the “sign in” and the “create account” buttons at the top right corner of the homepage. And there is the “sign up for free” button at the middle.

The search box and the “upload your own” button is just below the “sign up for free” button. Scroll down and you will see what is trending for free in the SoundCloud community.

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Down the “what is trending for free in the SoundCloud community” are links to where you can download the SoundCloud app

The SoundCloud App

The SoundCloud app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To download the Sound Cloud app, you can go to your various native app stores or go to the SoundCloud homepage and click on any of the link provided.

  • To download for Android Devices, Click here
  • Also, to download for iOS Devices, Click here

The SoundCloud app gives you easy access to the SoundCloud platform. With the SoundCloud app, you can do almost everything as when you are accessing the SoundCloud through the web.

Create a free account with SoundCloud

Creating an account with SoundCloud will give you full advantage of the features of Sound Cloud. You will post and upload up to 180 minutes of your audio and music content. To create an account on Sound Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. On your web browser, go to
  2. Click the “create account” at the top right corner or click the “sign up for free”.
  3. You can create your account through your Facebook, Google account or your email address.
  4. To use your Facebook or Google account to create the account, click on your preferred choice and sign up using your login details.
  5. If you want to use your email to create an account, enter your email address in the provided fields and click “continue”.
  6. Enter a strong password and your age, and click “continue”
  7. Now, enter your display name in the provided field and select your gender
  8. Click “continue”
  9. Then you will be required to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email.
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Subscription levels on SoundCloud

There are three subscription levels you can choose from. They are the free account, pro or pro unlimited account and the premier partners.

  • The free account allows you to upload up to 180 minutes of sound and make use of other basic tools.
  • The pro or pro unlimited account allows you more upload time and access to advanced features, for a small monthly fee.

The premier partners get to earn from revenue generated from SoundCloud and also monetize their sound content.

How to set up your SoundCloud profile

If you are a musician who would want to use the SoundCloud platform to your advantage, you will have to set up a great SoundCloud profile.

It is advised to upload a recognizable profile image, to help your fans find you. To upload an image, click the “update image” button on your profile page, and select image. You can also make your profile stand out, by uploading a header image. Click the “upload header image” to upload a header image.

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To edit your profile, click the profile at the top right of your Sound Cloud account, and then click the “profile” option. At the right side of your profile page, click the “edit” button and then make the necessary editing.

First off, choose a display name that your fans know you by, as that is what they will type when they are looking for your songs or tracks.

Enter a brief biography or introduction in the provided fields. Make the necessary editing to make your profile stand out.

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Having edited your profile, click the “save changes”.

How to upload tracks on SoundCloud

Having set up your profile, it is now time to upload your sound and music content. To upload tracks, click the “upload” next to your profile icon, and click the “choose a file to upload” button.

If you are a free user, you will get to upload up to 180 minutes of sound. But if you are a pro or pro unlimited user, you will have more time and access to advanced features. Ensure you verify the title and add a description to your uploaded song. You should also label your uploaded track with tags, so it can easily be found.

Click the “permission” tab to adjust accessibility to your uploaded track. Also, if you want to paste a buy link, go to the “metadata” tab.

When you are done, click the “save” button.

Creating a playlist

It is pretty easy to create a playlist on SoundCloud. All you have to do is select any track of your choice and then click the “more” button to bring out more option. Click the “add to playlist”.

You can edit your playlist by going to your profile page and clicking the “playlist” tab. Then, click the pencil icon that is below the waveform. You can now start dragging and dropping songs in your playlist to reorder them. Now, you can make the necessary editing.

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How to download and share sounds on SoundCloud

If you have found a track that you want to share, simply click the “share” button and then select where you want to share the track. If you want to have an embedded mini player, copy the HTML and paste it in your post.

Some artists allow users to download some of their sounds. To download a downloadable sound, click on the download icon that is below the waveform of the sound.

Some sounds can also be purchased by clicking the “buy” and following the subsequent instructions.