Super Mario Odyssey Review – Release Date | Gameplay | Abilities | Ratings

Are you a Super Mario fan? Well, if you are, a new super Mario video game will be released soon. Yeah, you heard me right. The new Super Mario game is almost here, and it is called the super Mario odyssey. It is set to be released worldwide on October 27, 2017.

super mario odyssey review

About the Super Mario Odyssey

The super Mario Odyssey is a 3D video game that is developed and published by Nintendo, still featuring Mario, the plumber. Or you could say Mario, the former plumber, as he now does what he likes. Super Mario Odyssey comes with the primary open-ended, exploration-based gameplay which was featured in the previous Super Mario series.

Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay

The game puts you in the role of Mario who travels the world on the “Odyssey”, with the goal of rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Bowser happens to be the person who plans to forcefully marry Princess Peach. As Mario saves the princess Peach, he rescues the princess’s sister, Tiara.

The various world that Mario travels to, are called kingdoms. These kingdoms are more like the familiar exploration –base design feature which was in the previous Super Mario series. In the kingdoms, you will search and clear objectives, to get items known as Power moons. This power moons can power up the Odyssey and grant you access to new worlds.

On Mario’s abilities

Mario can use amazing powers like the ability to power up the Odyssey (more like a ship) with the collected power moons, capture and control enemies, objects and so on. Mario also has many awesome skills of jumping; that he jumps walls, long jumps and rolls like it is nothing.

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Also, Mario can now throw his cap, which happens to be his heroic companion named Cappy. Cappy is more like a weapon to Mario. If Cappy is thrown to an object or enemies, it takes possession of them, and it is called “capturing”.

In super Mario Odyssey, a second player could be in control of the cappy and can use it to attack enemies, independently.

Review scores for the Game

Some reviews of the super Mario Odyssey have been trooping in, and it looks like this game might contend for the 2017 game of the year.

Edge magazine is said to have awarded the super Mario Odyssey game 10/10, while the Japanese Magazine, Famitsu has given the game, 39/40. It is an impressive score for super Mario Odyssey.

All that remains is to wait until October 27, for the worldwide release of super Mario Odyssey, so you could have a feel of what the game has to offer.