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Do you seek a platform where you could upload your images or GIFs in order to earn some cool bitcoins? You surely seek such platform, right? Well, look no further, for you are at the right place, where you will get much information on such platforms. I guess you are about to get bit coined. Well, seek no more, because is the right site for you. supload earn bitcoin

Bitcoin has improved upon image hosting application in the name of “suploads”. Furthermore, revenues generated by sharing and uploading of images are shared with the users. According to reports, had reached out to the co-founder of suploads, and the website programmer, Mike Reilly. He announced that his site had recently paid out 2 BTC worldwide to the site users, including the new bitcoin users.

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On suploads, users are paid 50% of the profit generated from ads displayed on its website. There is $1.00 minimum to withdraw. According to the site, when earnings are finalized, bitcoins can be withdrawn anytime. The website is quite an easy enough and intuitive platform for users. And of course, they were quite particular on their main page, about the minimum withdrawal for users.

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Taking a Look at the Official Page

The official page of the website, is filled with quite a lot for a new user to consume. At the page, there is a section “popular” and “newest” at the top. The “popular” section directs users to a page with the most popular uploaded images. And the “newest” section directs users to the newest images uploaded. There is also a “search” button to search for images of choice.

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At the upper left corner of the official page is the “login” and” sign up” button. New users who will like to sign up clicks on “sign up” to begin their sign-up process. Existing users who wish to login to their supload account click on the “login” section.

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Scrolling down the official page appears a note which states how users could use the site. The note states that the site can be used in two ways:

  • Earn bitcoins – share your link for the images and GIFs back to our site, and the profit from it will be split with you.
  • Free image hosting – the site will host your images and GIFs for you to share or embed anywhere on the internet.

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Down the official page, are the already uploaded images by users. Also, a lot more of those images could be viewed by clicking on the “load more?” button below those images.

How to Sign Up on

Here are the steps to follow to sign up for

  • Go to the official website at
  • On the official page, click the “sign up” button at the upper right corner of the page. After clicking the “sign up” button, a page will pop up.
  • On the sign-up page, type in your username, create a strong password.
  • Enter a valid email address. Note that the email address is required to receive your bitcoin payouts.
  • Click the “sign up” button.

How to Upload Images on

Having signed up as a new user, you can follow these steps to upload images:

  • Go to the official website at
  • On the official page, click the “login” button at the upper right corner of the page. This will pop up the login page.
  • On the login page, type in your username and your password you created while signing up.
  • Click the “login” button. This directs you to your supload account.
  • Click on “upload” button at the upper right corner of your supload account.
  • Now select the image you wish to upload and get it uploaded.

Now, your supload account is opened for business.

Also, should you forget your password, you can always use the “forgot password” to retrieve it?

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After uploading the images, it will be shown on your supload account with its “link” and “edit” option. The “link” of the image is marked down ready, so you only need to click the “link” button, copy the link and paste it any of the social Medias, to show.

About the Supload User Account Page

At the side of the supload account, the page is the “explore” section and the “your account” section. The “explore section” gives the user liberty to explore the popular and newest uploaded images. You can explore the viewed images from your number of uploads.

At the “your account” section, there are the “images”, “feed”, “analytics”, “bitcoin”, and “profile”.

If the “images” is clicked, it shows all the uploaded images of the user of the account page.

Clicking on the “analytics” shows you the measure of the activity of the account. It also shows the bitcoin earned and USD equivalent, number of images in the account and the number of viewed images.

Also, there is the “logout” button to log out of your account when you deem fit.

About the Future of Supload

Mike Reilly and his partner claimed to have created the supload service to help bitcoin grow. He explained that Supload was started with the goal of making bitcoin easier to obtain for users all over the world by doing things they are probably already doing.

There are quite a lot of plans for upgrades on the site, including more earning-focused features. He further went to make the statement.

There will also be a social aspect to the site that will reward user’s satoshis for completing activities

As soon as they are ready, the duo has big plans for extending their services to the huge market.