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Tidal, which is stylized as TIDAL is an awesome music streaming service which will give you hi-fidelity audio and music video. The service offers millions of tracks and music videos to its users, whilst ensuring its high quality. The service can be easily accessed from your mobile device or computer device by navigating to www.tidal.com.

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Tidal used to be a new underdog from the makers of WiMP in Sweden, a Spotify-like streaming service with its narrowed focus on CD-quality music. It served as a great opportunity for music lovers who highly sought-after quality over everything; an avenue to get quality music collection in a much more convenient way.

The tidal service has grown to be one of the first major services to be owned by artists themselves, and it claims to pledge its royalty to artists and songwriters. It has grown to be one of the most pleasurable platforms where you can get exclusive albums and videos, quality editorial, early access to concerts and sports tickets, and amazing, lossless sounds.

Furthermore, a subscription to tidal service will afford you the opportunity to enjoy much cool stuff that you would not find anywhere. However, you have only got the liberty to enjoy a 30-day trial for some of the tidal services to see if the quality of service they offer is worth subscribing for.

In this article, you will get to know more on how the tidal service can be of great service to you. So, do relax your nerves and read through.

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How Tidal works

The tidal service offers comprehensive playlist, offline listening and music sharing. They have got over 25 million tracks available to its users. Unlike its other rivals, who only offer compressed music formats like mp3 and OGG, they offer music at CD quality.

The service provides a music stream that is in form of 16bit, 44.1 kHz FLAC files with a bit rate 1411kbps. Trust me, it is pretty brilliant.

And for those who are not yet initiated, FLAC is an awesome format, chosen by many people who wish to listen to music files without having to endure lossy formats like that of mp3.

A look at its official page

The Tidal’s website has got excellent chrome-based web player and a desktop player for PC. It also contains decent iOS and Android apps.

At the surface of the official web page, there is a multiple bar icon named “menu” situated at the top right corner. Clicking this menu icon brings out various options which include; Web Player, TIDAL Store, TIDAL Read and more.

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How to create account on Tidal

Creating an account with tidal requires you to use your email address, Google or Facebook account. If you want to sign up for tidal services, do follow the steps:

  • Through your mobile device or PC browser, navigate to www.tidal.com, or click here. The official page of tidal will open, with a tab named “try now” at the upper right corner.
  • Now, click the “try now” tab to take you to the account creation page. On the account creation page, it will be required of you to choose a subscription and plans you will like to start with.
  • There are two plans you can choose from, namely the standard plan or the family plan. Tidal also have two subscription options namely the tidal premium and the tidal hifi.
  • Next, click the “start the free trial” link that falls on your preferred plan and subscription. A page will open where you will be required to select your preferred method of account creation. There are three ways you can proceed with the account creation; by using your email address, Google account or Facebook account.
  • To make use of your email in the account creation, type in your email and create a password on the account creation page, then click continue. This will open your account overview page where you will be able to add payment method or voucher, or view receipt and purchases.
  • If you want to create the account with your Google account, click on continue with Google, then, click on the “add login button” and select the add tidal login option. The sign-in request page will be displayed, where you log in with your current Gmail information. Then grant permission and continue.
  • For the creation of tidal account using your Facebook account, click on Facebook and then log into the Facebook. Click on continue to proceed to your tidal account overview page.
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How do you subscribe to tidal service?

To subscribe to tidal service, follow the steps below:

  • Go to their website at www.tidal.com
  • If you do not have an account with tidal, follow the steps I have described out above.
  • If you already have an account, click on the “login” tab at the upper right corner of the website.
  • Type in your login details and click login.
  • Should you have a voucher, go to menu and click redeem voucher
  • Now, enter your voucher code, enter your payment details and enjoy tidal.

Note: Vouchers can only be received through tidal partners only. Vouchers are not provided to users by the tidal support. When you create an account with tidal, you will get a complimentary 30-day trial.

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Subscription plans for tidal users

Tidal was launched at the back end of 2014 and the users had to pay $19.99 for CD quality service. The service now operates in two tiers.There are two subscription options available to users to choose from. The subscription options are the tidal premium and tidal HiFi subscription.

The tidal premium costs users $9.9 per month to gain access to 320Kbps AAC + music, while the tidal HiFi cost users $19.99 per month for non-compressed 1411Kbps FLAC audio, which is a much higher fidelity than your standard mp3 or audio streams.

However, Tidal offers a 30-day free trial to users for them to have a taste of the service and possibly help them decide on whether they want to be committed to it. Users will still have to provide their debit card or credit card information for the trial.

Tidal premium provides you with premium content. It offers amazing feature-length articles, such as Alice Cooper: Reflection of Hollywood vampire, which has inbuilt music so you can get to know more about the artist while you listen to their tunes.

On tidal, exclusive albums are offered to users for a short period before they are distributed to other platforms. I guess you are feeling special now, right? The exclusive contents consist music video outtakes, sneak peeks, music videos, and backstage concert footage. Both the Tidal premium and Tidal HiFi subscribers are offered access to the video content, so the lossless music streams differentiate the two subscription options.

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Also, the subscribers gain access to first dibs on sports tickets, select concerts and tidal-exclusive streaming concerts before the general public can have access to purchasing them. For example, the homepage- at the time of this writing –lets subscribers purchase a ticket for tidal X Brooklyn annual benefit concert.

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Taking a look at the Tidal catalog and playlist

There are quite a lot of themed playlist which is categorized by time of day, moods, and events that is available on tidal. New albums, individual tracks, and video content are highlighted in other sections. Various music can be discovered by browsing the genre categories or by using the search box. Audio search cannot be found in the browser or desktop-based tidal, but it is available for Android versions. All in all, the service’s music catalogs are arranged in a stack.

It also has chrome-based web player which is visually similar to Spotify and has access to a well-managed playlist and HiFi albums as well as top charts. “My music” area is found in the sidebar, and clicking it will take you to your stuff.

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Tidal App

Getting the tidal app provides you with ease to access it. The apps are in two versions:

iOS and Android apps.

If you want to get the tidal apps, do follow these steps:

  • Go to www.tidal.com. This will take you to the official page of tidal.
  • Click the “menu” icon at the top right corner of the official page. Various options will pop us,
  • Click the “download “at the right-hand side. This action will take you to a page where you will be required to select the version of tidal you want to download.
  • If you wish to download the PC version of the Tidal app, click on the “download” that is situated at the PC+MAC section. A note will pop up for you to acknowledge the app download. Click save and the app will start downloading.
  • If you decide to download the Android or iOS version of the tidal apps, click on the “install” tab located on the individual version of the app. This action will take you to the various store of the operating systems. For Android, it will take you to Google playstore and for the iOS, it will take you to Apple store. There, you can download the app.

This article is written to give you an insight into how you can browse through the services, Tidal has to offer. So, read thoroughly to get the much-needed information on its services.