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It’s been exactly one year since the popular arcade running game; Vector 2 was launched, and it’s still a very much liked mobile game. Although, there have been critics; on the storyline of vector 2 being dull or not too creative. That’s if there is a story to it at all, which there isn’t. Unlike its predecessor: Vector, which features an interesting story of pursuit by other characters in the game, Vector 2 game character starts running for no reason.



Vector 2 is a popular running game developed by Nekki in 2016. Prior to the game, it is a sequel to the original game; Vector which was released in 2010. The game is available on Android and IOS.

Vector 2 involves running in order to save your life. While doing that, you will have to perform stunts and series of jumps to avoid obstacles. The gameplay features a nice somewhat dark graphics and it is very addicting and fun to play, considering the fact that it is a 2D game.

Vector Gameplay | Running Game

Unlike in the first vector game where you have people chasing you, vector 2 is totally different. When the game starts, you just start running and the only thing to stop you are obstacles like sharp edges, beams, and laser. There is no story in vector 2 and the background is pretty much the same. There have been critics about the game not being too dynamic.

The main idea of the game is to run from the left to the right and evade obstacles by jumping over it or sliding below it. You can also perform parkour stunts depending on the type of object or obstacle along your path. This running continues until you reach the end of the level after which another level comes up with a different environment.

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Key Features of Vector 2 the Game

  • Features a nice graphics on a 2D game.
  • Also, vect0r 2 features insane parkour stunts.
  • Has different levels with dark unique backgrounds.
  • Contains in-app purchases for gears, tricks, and gadget to use and protect you while you run.
  • Contains lots of collectibles and bonuses while you run.
  • Stats to show your progress and performance.

How to Play Vector 2 Game

The controls are quite easy, all you have to do to control the player is by swiping up to jump, down to slide and left and right to speed up or slow down. You will have to be very fast to perform or execute an action otherwise you will fail.

In-app purchases on vector 2 Game

You can purchase stunts and gear from the app itself. Although you can also choose not to it may take you a longer time to finish playing the game.

How to Download Vector 2 Game on Mobile Devices

Vector 2 is available on the playstore for android and on the Itunes store for IOS. The game app is a stand-alone game and it is available on these stores for free.

Download Vector 2: lAndroid

Download Vector: IOS


All in all, vector 2 is a pretty decent game, but its predecessor is more preferable. This is because the later has a dynamic environment and there is a story to why the game character starts running. There is really no much difference in the gameplay, except in the story line and stunts, more gears, e.t.c.

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