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Wapdam is a mobile site for downloading Music, Games, Videos, Themes, Photos, android apps and wallpaper. The site has been around for long and serves its users with fresh music content, videos, mobile applications and more. Wapdam.fm is very similar to waptrick, toxicwap, wapking, e.t.c. Sites like these are designed strictly for mobile devices, and like these wap sites, wapdam.fm automatically detects your device model and brings out apps or files only supported for your device.games



The website is fast because it utilizes low resources. Also, the contents dished out on wapdam are totally free and they monetize through contextual advertising (AdSense).

Note: when you search for wapdam.com it will redirect you to waptrick.com. So to access files on wapdam you should use the main site below.

Official website: http://www.wapdam.fm

About Wapdam | Wapdam.fm

During the times of java phone, wap sites (sites designed strictly for phone usage) were the popular sites people visit to download mobile content. Wapdam.fm is one of such site that offers mobile files and application for free download. It is one of the most visited sites for mobile downloads. With the advent of smartphones (Android and other OS), one will think this great site would have gone done by now, but that is not the case, they have adjusted with the change. Users can now download Android applications, including up-to-date songs, still placing wapdam.fm as one of the most visited sites for mobile download.

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How is the Web Interface of wapdam.fm?

Besides mobile devices, you can also access wapdam on other device platforms, but one important thing to take note of is that the interface does not look very attractive, as categories are not well placed or organized. Besides, the contents/categories are few, so you will likely see a lot of empty spaces which may be covered by ads. However, wapdam is fast and easy to use, and most importantly you can download mobile apps, music, wallpapers, and much more all for free.

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What is the Downside of using wapdam.fm?

You will most likely encounter lots of ads when browsing through various categories on wapdam. The ads are placed in every section making the site somewhat disorganized. Even when trying to download you might be directed to a new ad page. However, the contents offered on the site are free and the only way wapdam makes it money is through the ads displayed on the site.

Mobile Contents Available on wapdam.fm

There are lots of mobile content available for download when you visit wapdam.fm. They include Mp3 Music, Games, Video Clips, Full Movies, Chia Anime, Apps Store, Applications, Ebooks, and Wallpapers. Out of these numerous contents, the music sections are updated on a daily basis with fresh music content. Also, videos and apps section is updated on a timely basis. Some of the music or apps you will most likely buy from other top sites app stores, chances are you will get them on wapdam.fm for free.

Mp3 Music on wapdam

The major files people go to download on wapdam.fm is its music. Music on this site is of high Mp3 quality format and updated on a daily basis. there are several types of songs on wapdam ranging from African/traditional songs to high western songs. Most importantly, they are categorized across several genres. You can also download Japanese and Korean songs on this site. The music list is almost endless. You will most likely find any type of song on wapdam. Furthermore, if you want music made by a particular artist, you can download music albums on this site.

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On Wapdam Games | wapdam.fm

You can download java games and android games on wapdam. The games are well categorized into several genres. Android games can be downloaded in a pack as a zip file or downloaded as a standalone game. And just like the other files on the site, games are available for free download.

Other Services offered on wapdam

On wapdam.fm, you can also download movies, video files, Anime videos, Android apps, and wallpapers. The content in this section is outdated and not frequently updated but you may find a movie you have not watched before or fancy wallpapers you can use for your phones. Movies on wapdam are of high quality but some are broken into parts because of its large size.

How to Download Files on Wapdam.fm

Downloading from wapdam.fm is very easy, follow the steps below to download;

  • Simply visit the official site on http://wapdam.fm,
  • Search or browse through the files you want to download (depending on the file type, they all follow the same format).
  • Click on download to download the selected file (Ads may open in a new tab, close it to go to the main page).


Wapdam.fm is a good website for downloading songs, game, videos and more, which are compatible with your mobile devices. The files on the site are totally free and safe to download. However, the only downside to the site is that it offers lots of ads making the site somewhat disorganized. Besides this, Wapdam is good for downloading mobile files across various categories.

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