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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and interesting social media in the world at large and it’s also the number one messaging service for all smartphone devices. This mobile Application receives voice notes, messages, calls and even video calls without any problem. And the App also is not just available for Android phones, windows phones and iOS phones only but it supports devices like blackberry and even Nokia S6Ο.

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While WhatsApp Web is the computer-based extension of your WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages received and sent by you are fully synced between your computer and your phone, and you can also view all the messages on both devices.It is good to say that WhatsApp revolutionized the conversations we have when using our phones. So many messengers have tried and are still trying to reach the popularity and fame WhatsApp has but none has reached it.

And to provide you with a better communication that you will experience, WhatsApp has now upgraded in such a way that you can access WhatsApp on both your phone and on your computer.

Any action taken on your WhatsApp Web will be shown on your phone and any action taken on your phone, will equally be shown on your WhatsApp Web. When you see WhatsApp on your computer and WhatsApp on your phone just know that you are accessing the same account on two different devices.

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Requirement for WhatsApp Web

  • You need a stable internet service on both your computer and phone.
  • You need an active WhatsApp account on your phone device.
  • You need to use the latest default Web browser on your computer.

How to connect your WhatsApp to your PC

  • Visit the URL Web.WhatsApp.com on your computer and you find the Website App available for WhatsApp. It will be the window where you will find your WhatsApp messenger and before you start chatting, you will have to connect your phone with the page displayed.
  • After WhatsApp has finished loading on the web screen, you will be provided with a QR code.
  • Open your WhatsApp on your phone. When using:
  • Blackberry, you go to chats < menu < WhatsApp Web.
  • Nokia s40, you swipe up from the bottom < WhatsApp Web.
  • iPhone, you go to settings < WhatsApp Web,
  • Android phones, in the home WhatsApp screen, click on the option at the top right corner, then click on WhatsApp web
  • Nokia s60 and windows phone you go to menu < WhatsApp Web.

Regardless of the type of your smartphone, you can access the Web via different mediums. And they are all explained on the WhatsApp Web page also, under the QR code. If you are using the WhatsApp Web for the very first time, a scanner will Appear to you with which you can scan the IQ code on your computer screen and if you used the WhatsApp Web previously on a different computer, you will also be able to choose a previous connection.

  • Next, scan the code on your computer screen from your phone device.
  • Then your computer will now be connected to your phone’s WhatsApp. Once you click on one, the conversation will Appear on the right of your computer and your latest chats will show at the left side of your computer.
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Similar Functions Performed by WhatsApp Web

This WhatsApp Web can also perform the same function of your phone on your computer as well. Functions like:

  • Forward messages.
  • Select messages.
  • Manage group chats.
  • Send videos, audios, and images.
  • Start chat.
  • Download image.
  • Star them
  • View contact’s info.
  • And also mute charts.
  • And so much fun things to do.

You can navigate to WhatsApp Web from your mobile phone by viewing your already logged in computer and as well log out from an active WhatsApp Web session.

And you are advice and also recommended to always be connected to a Wi-Fi when using the WhatsApp Web in order to avoid data usage charges on your mobile device.

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How to log out from WhatsApp web

From your computer, you can log out from your WhatsApp web from the PC on which your phone WhatsApp is been logged in. you will see a vertical dots indicating the menu button at the top of the WhatsApp web close to the New chat. Click on the menu button and then click on the logout option. This will log out from the WhatsApp web from your computer.

And from your smartphone, to log out from the WhatsApp web via your phone open the WhatsApp and tap on the menu button icon and also in the WhatsApp web. In the WhatsApp web window, you will tap on log out from all computers it will, therefore, log you out from WhatsApp web from all the computers and browsers you are logged into.

However, if you clear your browsing history of your phone browser on which your WhatsApp is been logged into. You will automatically be logged out of the WhatsApp.

Change profile Photo and Status on WhatsApp PC

You can change your profile pictures on WhatsApp web in three (3) different ways, it’s either you click on WhatsApp tab and then select “profile and status’’ or you click on your profile photo and you can also go through the three dots menu button.

Click on your photo to change or remove it and also to update your status, click on the pencil icon. If you want to use a new photo from your webcam as your profile picture, then you click on take photo from the drop-down menu or select upload photo that’s if you want to upload a photo from your computer. You can also view or remove picture too if you want to.

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Chat setting in WhatsApp PC App.

Like other features, the WhatsApp chat settings is almost the same as that of your smartphone device. When you open a chat box and click on the three-dot menu button icon at the top right corner and you can also check the contact’s info, mute the chat, delete the message or select message from there.

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You can search for a specific chat in your chat inbox while the PC App is lacking this feature and you can also change wallpaper and email your conversation when using a smartphone device but the PC App does not support this feature too.

Some important shortcuts for WhatsApp PC are:

  • Paste — Ctrl+V
  • Undo — Ctrl+Z
  • Select all — Ctrl+A
  • Next chat– Ctrl+Shift+]
  • Cut — Ctrl+X
  • Zoom in — Ctrl+Shift+=
  • Zoom out — Ctrl+-
  • Search — Ctrl+F
  • Actual size — Ctrl+0
  • Delete chat — Ctrl+Backspace
  • Redo — Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • Mute — Ctrl+Shift+M
  • Archive chat — Ctrl+E
  • Copy — Ctrl+C
  • Mark as unread — Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Close — Alt+F4
  • Previous chat — Ctrl+Shift+[

Group Chat Setting in WhatsApp PC App

With the menu, you can create a new group chat. And to adjust the group settings in your PC app, just go to the group and click right, there you can mute the group chat, check the group info, clear messages, exit the group and even select the message and you can also change the group status and group icon in the menu button.

The only thing missing is the option to view all the media sent in the group in one place, you will have to scroll up the whole chat window before you will be to view all the media sent to the group like songs, videos and pictures whereby when using a smartphone device, it has a feature where you will be able to view all media sent in the group all in one place.

Starred message

There is no icon or option of star message in the PC app but you can only view the starred message and on your smartphone device, there is an icon where you can star messages all you just have to do is to click on the star icon in the ribbon after you have already selected the message you want to star. But you can view an already starred messages on your PC WhatsApp by clicking on the three-dot menu button and select starred.

Archive chats on your WhatsApp PC app

In your PC WhatsApp, you can archive chats when you open the chat window, then click on the chat tab in the left corner at the top of the PC. Select archive and that’s all, the whole chat will be archived. To view archived chats, click on the menu icon and tap archived.

Sending files

The smartphone and PC are somehow quite similar in the aspect of sending files, but there are still some features which are available on the smartphone and it’s not on the PC. In the smartphone, you can send location, contact, audio, document, images, and video while on the PC you can only send a video, a document, and an image.

Above is everything you need to know when connecting your WhatsApp on your phone to your PC.