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What is Yandex Mail?

Yandex mail is an emailing service which provides a complete, affluent and useful email experience. It also provides one with a fast exchange of messages and present location and reminder for any upcoming events or meetings.

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With Yandex mail, you can access your messages effectively without stress. You can also create a group and designate your messages into the groups for easy accessibility. Yandex mail allows you to send images and media file s and also be saved in your inbox can be viewed or listened to at any time. Yandex mail provides a basis for protection against spams and viruses. It makes use of a reliable technology that helps to fight spams and also recognize any unsolicited messages. Yandex mail also assesses any incoming messages with the aid of an antivirus and also blocks any virus infected mail.

Moreso, once you create a Yandex account through, you will have a chance of receiving a 10 GB mail box immediately after registration. If you make use of the email web interface often, the mailbox size of 10GB will increase by 1 GB as soon as there is a free space of 200MB.

What are the Downsides of Yandex Mail?

The downside of Yandex mail is that it does not have full access to IMAP accounts like a desktop email program. Also, email service does not have filters and text snippets that can learn by example.

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Important Features of Yandex Mail

Listed below are important features you get to enjoy when you operate a Yandex mail account.

  • It Allows you to send images and media files together with messages directly from the Yandex mail mobile app.
  • Provides instant messaging with Yandex mail users and other important web services.
  • Allows you to differentiate your messages into groups.
  • Automatically access your email to prevent incoming spam messages.
  • Prevents the ascending of viruses into your mailbox.
  • Allows you to insert your personal dignitaries in your messages.
  • Allows you to group your messages by subject.
  • It automatically checks your mail and informs you about new messages and lots more.
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How to Create a Free Yandex Mail Account

For you to access and enjoy all these features mentioned above, you need a Yandex mail account. If you don’t already have one, you can follow the steps below to create a free Yandex mail account.

  • Open your browser and enter to get to the registration page.
  • On the registration page, fill in the info required which include; Your first name, surname, username, password, mobile number.
  • After filling the required information, Click on ‘register’.

With this simple steps, your accounts should be ready in minutes and you can start enjoying all available features in the email service provider.