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If you use torrents a lot, you will discover that there are times when downloading with a BitTorrent client can be somewhat difficult; sometimes slow, download speed may throttle even with a good internet speed. There are several reasons for this but the major factor responsible for slow downloading is low seeding rate. A file with a high number of seeds tends to download fast.

In order cases, you may have difficulty setting up a torrent client app on your computer, or also difficulty in capturing torrents using a BitTorrent client.

So, if you are faced with problems downloading flawlessly using BitTorrent clients or you have difficulty installing a torrent client application on your computer, then you should check out Zbigz.com, a free torrent downloader site.


Zbigz.com – What is Zbigz?

ZbigZ is a free torrent client site that enables you to download torrent files with a default download manager. Which means you don’t have to download and install a torrent client downloader, as you can easily download all your torrent files in full online.

What are the Important Features of Zbigz | Zbigz.com? 

Downloading torrents online have been made easier by Zbigz. The website features a clean and easy interface. Also, you can use it without registering on the website.

The website offers both free and premium service.  the benefits for the premium plan is that there is no limit for daily usage, while the free offer allows you to download torrents up to a gig for daily plan usage. Also, as a free user, you can only download 2 files simultaneously from the website.

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You can pause and resume files downloaded through Zbigz. Furthermore, Zbigz help protects users privacy.

What are the Benefits of Registering a Free Account on Zbigz?

Registering an account on Zbigz.com is not compulsory, as you can still download torrents using the site. However, when you register on Zbigz, there are some additional features you will have access to on the site.

Registered free users are allowed to store up to 2 files in there personal Zbigz account for 7 days on the site. After 7 days, the file is removed.

Differences between Free Plan and Premium Plan on Zbigz.com

  • Free plan on Zbigz.com offers users a daily bandwidth download of 1 GB while Zbigz premium plan is unlimited.
  • On premium plan, users have access to unlimited download speed while the Free plan allows download speed of about 350kb/s. Though it varies depending on the download manager.
  • The premium plan provides a cloud storage for users to store files while the free plan does not.
  • Free plan features ads on the website while Premium plan does not, so long as you are logged in.
  • You can use the free plan at a go without wasting much time in login in, unlike premium users.

How to Download Torrents in Full using Zbigz

There are two ways to download torrents with Zbigz, either by using the magnet link or by uploading the ‘.torrent’ file.

Magnet Link Method

To use the magnet link method, visit any torrent and copy the link of the torrent you will like to download from that site. Next;

  • Visit the Zbigz official home page, paste the magnet link in the input box and Click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • Next, choose your plan; Free or Premium and allow the caching process to load.
  • Finally, click on the file to download using the available options.
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The .torrent File Upload Method

You can also download torrent files via Zbigz, from the homepage by;

  • uploading a ‘.torrent’ file (maybe downloaded from a torrent site) in the specified box and clicking ‘upload’.
  • After upload, find the .torrent file and click ‘Go’. The rest of the process is similar to the Magnet link Method.

Note: For faster download speed, you can use IDM to capture the download from Zbigz.

Zbigz is a good torrent downloader. It is fast and users can choose to use the free plan, which I think is very Ok for any file you will want to download. However, If you seek to access all of Zbigz features, you can purchase its premium plan.


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